RUSD Honor Band Concert


RUSD’s Honor Band guest conductor, Kevin Mayse!

On February 3rd, 2023, many musically inclined students from each school of the Riverside Unified School District came together as advanced musicians to play six songs. Only 10-20 students from each school participated as the Honor Band calls for the “best of the best.” Incredibly, only four rehearsals were held at Ramona High School for this band to sound the best it could. It just proves that the students of the band have a great passion for music and their success as all the students came from separate schools to work together. 

The band was directed by the current Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra conductor of Riverside Community College, Kevin Mayse. All band students were honored to have been directed by such a prestigious conductor and all of Mayse’s jokes paid off. This was one of all the student’s favorite features about Mr. Mayse, his cheesy jokes!


The concert took place in Ramona High School’s Auditorium and all who attended enjoyed the concert thoroughly.

There was also a middle school honor band as well that performed before the high school band. The current conductor of STEM High School Christopher Watts directed the middle school honor band. 

The high school band played a total of 6 songs. These included:

Selections from The Dansrye: A fun, old-fashioned selection by Tielman Susato, consisting of nine different tunes from folk dances! The ensemble played 3 different selections from this joyful tune. 

Rippling Watercolors: A slow, rich, yearnful piece by Brian Balmages. This piece was chosen by Mayse to slow down the feeling from the first song and enrich the audience with this gorgeous song. 

March of the Mitten Men: Power and Glory: A fast-paced, catchy, and magical march by John Philip Sousa. Though the piece in itself is fun to play, the sound that came from the band was outstanding!

Amazing Grace: An easily recognizable piece, slow and meaningful. The piece was chosen to prepare the audience for the next two fast-paced performances!

Shape Shifter: A peculiar piece by Steven Schmidt. It was many of the audience’s favorite pieces as it had the most diversity with melodies! The creator, Schmidt, was in the crowd himself enjoying the performance of his own piece!

First Suite For Band: Mvt. IV Gallop: A brisk piece by Alfred Reed to close out the concert and leave the crowd singing the song in their head, hence the repetition of the song! The piece has a marking at the top of each part, “As fast as possible, but no faster!” meaning the band played it to the fastest of their ability!

The concert was a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd! Congratulations to students from all RUSD high schools and middle schools that were able to participate!