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The official news site of J.W. North High School

The North Star Online

The official news site of J.W. North High School

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California Colleges That Made The Top 5

California Colleges That Made The Top 5

Kayla Madrid September 23, 2022

  Thinking about going to college? There are tons of colleges to go to in California but sometimes, it can be hard to choose. It would be wise to go to a school that has great education and has...

The Hubble Telescope is on the left, and the Webb Telescope is on the right

NASA: The future of space is here!

Luna Rubio September 23, 2022

For space lovers, on July 12, 2022, NASA released images of space from the new telescope they put into our atmosphere.    It’s called the James Webb Telescope and compared to the old one,...

A Vending Machine

Convenience or Inaccessibility?

Nathaniel Suarez September 23, 2022

Vending machines are a very big part of the school. They’re a convenient way to get food or drink at lunch or even during passing periods. This year, a big change has been made to them. They are now...

Promotional image from the Coca-Cola Company

Dream Coke

Sharon Ma September 23, 2022

Try Coke’s new limited flavor, “Dreamworld”- a Gen-Z-inspired soda that supposedly tastes like dreams.   According to the Coca-Cola Company themselves, the soda captures “technicolor...

Book Cover of United States History Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination

How to Survive APUSH

Mae Sergeant September 23, 2022

One of the required classes for sophomores or juniors in high school is U.S. History but some students choose to take an AP version of this class which is considered one of the harder classes students...

Students signing up for clubs and sports at Club Rush Day!

Importance of Extracurricular Activities

Gwen Gollihar September 23, 2022

High school may be the most important four years of a young person’s life. The lessons you learn in classes like math, science, and literature are important skills and information that can help you with...

The new North Bell Schedule

New Bell Schedule

Tiffany Tran September 16, 2022

Starting in 2022, high schools in California are starting classes at 8:30 A.M., instead of the usual 8 o’clock. Bill No. 328 was made mandatory by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2019, just now coming into...

Doing it the Lepe Way

Doing it the Lepe Way

Stefanny Hernandez May 19, 2022

There is a junior at John W. North High School, who is a killer in the classroom and absolute boss on the mats. Her name is Leilani Lepe. She is a busy bee who works hard at what she does, being in Renaissance,...

Breathing Again (Mask Mandate)

Kaylene Starks May 19, 2022

  It's official, the mask mandate has finally been lifted and with the weight on our shoulders of needing to have a mask on us 24/7. After 2 years in the making, we are finally able to breathe...

Booktok Hits Social Media

Stefanny Hernandez April 14, 2022

TikTok is a popular app where individuals can interact with each other and share their lives and experiences. Since it is such a popular app with unique individual personalities, many different genres...

Thank You, Custodians!

Kaylie Lopez April 6, 2022

Thanks to our custodians our school is clean. North is constantly uncared for at times by students as they don’t throw their trash away. After lunch, there is trash left behind on every possible surface...

Tribute to Chief

Joseph Guzman April 4, 2022

Richard “Chief” Cruz was born on March 9, 1967, in Fullerton, California. Chief, as he was called by those that knew and loved him, graduated from Sunny Hills High School in 1986. He attended Fullerton...

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