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A cracked open egg.

The Truth about Salmonella

Phoenix Joven May 24, 2024

Salmonella is a type of bacteria that can cause various illnesses, from mild stomach pains to severe food poisoning. It is one of the most common causes of foodborne illness worldwide, affecting millions...

The hand of a girl effected by the chemicals in slime, causing chemical burns on her hand.

Slime Causing Chemical Burns?

Emma Huerta, Staff Reporter May 23, 2024

Slime went viral a few years ago for its texture and “ASMR” sounds, but it seems to be trending again. Although the process of making slime seems harmless, the borax and water solution that kids are...

Married couple.

Tennessee Legislature Bans First Cousin Marriages

Jordyn Gaeta, Staff Reporter May 23, 2024

Although some (very few) might argue that cousins make great partners because of similar genes and backgrounds, not only will marrying your cousin likely lead to genetic disorders in future generations,...

A woman stabbed her boyfriend to death, then pushed her two daughters out of her car on the 405 before dying in a Redondo Beach crash.

Family Found Severely Injured on 405

Jordyn Gaeta, Features Editor May 23, 2024

After investigating an abnormal trail of violence across LA County, officers found an infant and her sister abandoned and injured on the 405 freeway. They reported an 8-month-old girl in the middle of...

Coal plants are negatively affecting the ecosystem.

EPA Rules Shutting Down Coal Plants

Israel Ramirez May 23, 2024

Most, if not all, coal-fired plants will be forced to shut down because of the new regulations created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The new rules target coal plants, implementing requirements...

Support for AB257

New Minimum Wage Births “Sausage-Making” Conspiracies

Ethan Chun, Editor-in-Chief May 1, 2024

On April 1, 2024, Californian Governor Gavin Newsom’s Recovery Act was enacted; California-based fast-food chains with 60 or more restaurants nationwide must pay their workers at least $20 an hour; this...

A picture of the streamer Twomad

Twomad’s Unfortunate Passing

Jonathan Sanchez, Staff Reporter April 30, 2024

Muudea Sedik, better known as Twomad, was a popular YouTuber and live streamer with a following of over 4 million subscribers on his social media platforms. He was unfortunately found dead in his home...

Stephen Glosser and Caleb Kinsey are accused of blowing up a South Georgia home in January 2023, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Georgia said.

Georgia Men

Sharon Ma, News Editor April 29, 2024

Breakups can be challenging. Some strategies you can use to deal with a particularly tough breakup are to keep busy by doing things that make you happy, talking to loved ones like family and friends,...

Aquarium and Shark Lab by Team ECCO assistant director Kinsley Boyette poses with Charlotte, a stingray that is about to give birth through parthenogenesis

Baby Shark-Ray Born?

Sophia Gonzales April 24, 2024

In North Carolina, a shocking discovery was made at The Aquarium and Shark Lab by Team Ecco on February 8th.  The aquarium has one lone stingray resident, whom the staff have named Charlotte. Charlotte...

An image from The Daily Guardian of the Chile wildfires reaching a city, burning buildings and cars.

Wildfires in Chile burns homes and joys

Sonia Acedo-Lopez March 12, 2024

The country of Chile has its own unique climate. Its climate can range from cold to wet in some areas, but it is dry and hot in most. Because climate change has been getting worse, Chile is only getting...

Floods in Santa Barbara on February 4th, caused by an atmospheric river event

SoCal Storms and Flooding

Sharon Ma, News Editor March 12, 2024

2024 is off to a wet start, with parts of Southern California receiving historic levels of rainfall this January and February.  North students may have noted the unusually rainy weather this season,...

Photo of the graffitied skyscraper in LA.

LA Graffiti: A Sky High Protest

Sarai Gross, Polaris Editor March 12, 2024

Oceanwide Holdings started a project they could not finish, and now, the artists of LA have found a new canvas.  Oceanwide originally planned to have a skyscraper constructed and eventually made into...

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