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The official news site of J.W. North High School

The North Star Online

The official news site of J.W. North High School

The North Star Online


State Testing is Back

Daniel Cardenas May 19, 2022

With COVID normalized and schools going back to business as usual, one thing that has returned with everything else is state testing. Students at John W. North high school are enduring two weeks of treacherous...

The Price of a Pet

Rachel Pendergast May 19, 2022

“If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.” - Roger Caras Man’s best friend, Fido, the family dog....

California Universal Health Care Bill Fails

Adam Quintero April 18, 2022

The California Universal Health Care bill failed to pass on January 31st, 2022. Ash Kalra, California Assembly Member and author of the bill, didn’t put it up for a vote because he soon found out the...

Russia vs. Ukraine

Daniel Cardenas April 14, 2022

Recently, Russia is making demands on Ukraine to lower tensions with any outside forces from the U.S. and within Europe. The demands Russia asked were for banning Ukraine to join the North Atlantic Treaty...

LGBTQ+ Becoming Illegal at Schools

Kaylene Starks April 14, 2022

The latest controversy of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill made an impact on Florida and the country aiming to limit queer topics in classrooms disscusions and in general inclusion of queerness. Governor...

Midwinter 2022: Secret Garden

Samantha Esparza February 17, 2022

As we enter our 2022 school year, many activities are beginning to be canceled once again. School sports and club meetings are being rescheduled constantly. Every student, teacher, and administrator are...

Wealth VS Welfare

Stefanny Hernandez February 17, 2022

Omicron is a newly discovered variant of the virus COVID-19. This variant is more contagious than any other variant, by far. It's also a lot less severe, reportedly. Due to its propensity to spread...

Brand New Laws in California 2022

Adam Quintero February 17, 2022

     The start of a new year marks not only a fresh start but the implementation of new laws and regulations. In 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed and approved 770 new laws. Most of these...

COVID-19’s Friends

Kaylene Starks February 16, 2022

     COVID-19 has been around for roughly three years now and is still having a major impact on many of our lives with the newly discovered Omicron variant. This Omicron variant is very similar to the...

Port Congestion

Anastasia Martinez December 15, 2021

People are fed up with hearing the “shop early” line by this point, as port congestion affects holiday shopping drastically. With COVID playing a major role in port and terminal delays, many things...

Math Teacher’s Lesson Causes Worldwide Dispute

Ethan Chun December 15, 2021

On October 19, 2021, a John W. North math teacher, started a new lesson for her class to introduce them to trigonometric ratios. Trigonometric ratios are easily simplified into the acronym SOH CAH TOA....

The Husky Staff is Here to Help

Samantha Esparza December 14, 2021

As we come closer to the end of our first school semester, emotions are high as everyone tries their best to get through finals week. Sometimes giving up often seems like the easiest path. These past two...

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