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MCC making a poster for the event.
Hello Goes a Long Way
Kaylie Lopez October 25, 2021

Start with Hello is “teaching empathy and empowering students to end social isolation” according to the Sandy Hook Promise. In honor of the...

Governor Newsom: COVID Vaccine Mandate
Ethan Chun and Adam Quintero October 22, 2021

  Governor Gavin Newsom of California has announced a plan for COVID-19 vaccines to become mandatory for all public and private schools....

What plans do you have for Halloween?
Kaylene Starks October 27, 2021

Question: What do you plan to do for Halloween? Havanah Cordova - Freshman “I want to go trick or treating with my friends, and I don't...

TV Violence: Why do we love it?
Isabella Guzman, Staffer • October 27, 2021

TV violence has affected society over time. Popular television shows such as Dexter, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones portray murder throughout...

Drake and Kanye’s Drama
Saryah Tinner October 27, 2021

Last month a lot of people were interested in the drama between Drake and Kanye West. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then let me...

Fall Choral Concert
Rachel Pendergast October 22, 2021

On October 6th, at 7:00 pm the John W. North Choral Society saw a live and in-person performance featuring all three advanced choirs, and...

Unmarked Indigenous Graves in Canada
Claire Hong November 1, 2021

This past year, the total number of unmarked indigenous graves found in Canada has been estimated to be over 1,800 unaccounted for, mostly being...

The Devious Lick Challenge
Stefanny Hernandez October 29, 2021

TikTok is an application that the majority of students on campus have downloaded, and consistently participate in. This includes liking posts,...

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