Potential AP Studio Art Class At John W. North


Calling all artists! Ms. Nolen, an art teacher at North, is working towards having AP Art added to the list of classes offered to JWN students.

An AP Art class would greatly benefit students who are interested in applying to art college but are not sure how to start building their portfolio. The guidance and advice given by our school’s art teachers can significantly improve a student’s confidence when creating an art portfolio.

According to Ms. Nolen, “Depending on what college you go to, your AP Art credits can be transferred and used as college credit.” Instead of a final exam, students would create a final portfolio usually containing 15 art pieces. Just like any other AP class, a good score on your final could give you a head start, if the college you choose to attend accepts the credits.

There is always room for more representation of the artistically talented students of North High School. JWN’s school newspaper makes the necessary effort by proudly showcasing the artwork of North’s students on the Polaris page of The North Star Online.

“At art club every Thursday, I definitely tell people to check out the Polaris flier and to send in any of their artwork that they would love to see in the newspaper,” states Ms. Nolen. 

Mr. Maron mentions his ceramics class and says, “The first part of the class we were just figuring out the process and now students are really starting to make some really finished artistic pieces, so I do encourage them to send in their work to Polaris when stuff starts coming out of the kiln.” North’s art teachers, Ms. Nolen and Mr. Maron, both strongly encourage students to send in artwork to Polaris.

Ms. Nolen shares information on how to sign up for the AP Studio Art class, “Students, please see your counselor or me specifically if you are interested in taking AP Studio Art. The more that sign up for the class, the higher the chances this can all happen.” Students can help ensure that our school offers an AP Art class as of the start of the 2023-2024 school year by simply showing interest in taking the class.

If you have taken or are currently taking the Advanced Drawing and Painting class, an AP Art class would be a challenging yet fun class that can help you take your creativity to the next level.