Homecoming 2022

Homecoming is the first dance of the school year that many students here at North look forward to. From the introduction of beautiful candidates to the football game, this homecoming season was a warm welcome to the start of the school year.

This year, the assembly took place in the gym to amplify the annual theme, “Glow in the Dark”. The walls were decorated with black posters and glow-in-the-dark paint and colorful bright lights lit up the ceiling. The theme especially came through during the middle of the rally. Lights were turned off, the paint began to radiate light and the cheer squad came out to dance. They wore glowing paint on their bodies, light-up jewelry, and neon tutus while they did their routine.

As said by Sophomore Phoenix Joven, “I feel like it was pretty cool that they did that, like the glow-in-the-dark theme, when they turned off the lights.” For many in the audience, the performance from the cheer squad was the highlight of the assembly.

 At least a hundred girls participated in this assembly as candidates to represent their clubs and organizations. The real stars of the show were the candidates for homecoming queen. All of the girls wore beautiful dresses and were excited to be elected into the finals round.

Senior candidate, Bridget Bradbury, says “It was very nice to be a part of round one. They could have just said there are the people’s names, now vote. But, they had all of the nominees to show, it was very nice, a thankful moment to have that.”

The following Saturday, the Homecoming dance took place once again at the outside basketball courts at North. Many students came to attend the annual tradition and were given glow sticks and glowing jewelry, along with the opportunity to get their faces painted with glow-in-the-dark colors. Lights and sound bounced off the walls and the Huskies had a blast that night. 

Senior Bradbury was, “surprised to see three vendors at Homecoming despite the price of my $5 ticket. It was cool to have been able to get Kona ice, churros, tacos, and funnel cake. […] [I] always love the price of ‘hoco’.”

Although there were some complaints about the cost of small things such as water or the “mid” music given by the DJ, this year’s homecoming dance was a success! There isn’t much to say about the music as not everyone’s tastes are the same but as long as there’s fun involved, all is well.