Managing Stress


Teenagers go through a handful of stressful situations, especially at school. Things like tests, homework and even friends can cause stress in our lives but there are many helpful ways to manage our stress. 

Always feeling busy and not having enough time for yourself is definitely a cause for stress in students and just people in general. That’s why taking time for yourself to unwind is so important- it helps you let go of your everyday life to de-stress and relax. “Set aside time for yourself. Schedule something that makes you feel good. It might be reading a book, going to the movies, going to get a massage or taking your dog for a walk,” says Even if it’s for half an hour, self-care is something easy to do that we all need. 

All of the responsibilities we are given as students and people can cause us stress and worry. Taking on big projects that use a large amount of brain power is okay sometimes but it is also okay to say no and take time for yourself to reset and recover. These brain breaks can help to refresh your mind and destress. 

“I usually just go outside, take a breather or hang out with my family or just do my homework. I take a break halfway and then start again to like, restart,” said sophomore Mereleen Velasquez says. 

Something we are all aware of is how hard it is to find sleep as a student. Whether we are studying for a test, doing homework or worried about a quiz the next day, stressing out and not getting enough sleep can have negative effects on our mental health. “You’ll find that getting enough sleep not only helps you feel and perform better, but it also helps with your memory and ability to recall things, helps with tissue repair and muscle growth, energy levels, and your ability to learn.” (  Getting enough sleep every night can help lower stress levels and make you more productive the next day. 

Freshman Nabeela Huq says, “I try to do work on time and staying organized.” To other students, Nabeela recommends, “Stop procrastinating and do your work because it will all pay off in the end.” 

Of course, getting sleep, eating healthy and taking time for yourself are only a few of the many ways we can destress and relax. You can go for a walk, listen to music, take a bath, and many more. Although these activities can’t completely erase and remove stress from your life, they definitely help to make you feel much better.