Do You Wanna Watch “You”


Mae Sergeant, Opinions Editor

“You” is a Netflix original series. This mystery-suspense series recently came out with parts one and two of its third season.  This season does a few things that were less explored in the past ones, as the other stories that came together. There was a side story with a few of the main characters that ended up being very entertaining. It showed the dark side of life as a rich or upper-class person, and how so much grief can affect a person so drastically. This show follows the plot surrounding a middle-aged man named Joe Goldberg, also known as Johnatan Moore in the new series, played by Penn Badgley. Sophomore Dinora Moreno expressed, “I think that the acting in this show is really good. I like the way that all the actors portray their characters.”

In each season, Goldberg falls in love with a new woman upon his first time seeing them and makes up fake meanings for simple things that they do. He tries convincing himself that they want him as badly as he wants them. Going along this his imagination, he stalks the women he falls in love with and makes up lives with them then he would insert himself into their lives and if there was anyone who ever threatened their relationship, he would kill them. He convinces himself that he is a good guy and that everything that he has been doing is for a good cause.  Every season he finds a new girl and falls in love again. And it would always end with him killing the woman that he fell in love with.

But this season was different. He found a girl by accident while trying to stay out of any speculation about his last lover dying and supposedly killing him along with herself. This season takes place in London where Goldberg works as a professor. He finds a girl named Kate Lockwood and gets introduced to her very rich, high-class friends. He eventually finds himself falling in love with her. Soon, her boyfriend mysteriously goes missing as do many of her friends. There was a killer that they called the  “Eat The Rich Killer” and he had to protect his new woman. 

Without spoiling the show there is a plot twist that really shocked me personally. I didn’t see it coming but I think that it really brought the story together for a strong finale. Sophomore Dinora Moreno said, “I really liked the show, I thought that it was a little different from the past seasons and I really enjoyed the plot twist at the end too.”

 Overall the show is rather good. It has a fresh spin on what has been Joe Goldberg’s constant pattern so it doesn’t get boring for the viewer. It was slightly complicated at the beginning and when all the pieces are falling into place it is easy to get lost in the new perspectives and little details that were skimmed over previously.