Lucy Barney, Polaris Editor

With a rush of electrifying synth arrangements and jittery beats portraying consciousness, Bladee’s new album SPIDERR offers the sound of real emotion shrouded in ethereal textures. 

Bladee is a Swedish musical rapper, singer, songwriter and flagship artist of the drain gang collection, an ensemble of other Swedish singers. Bladee’s futuristic optimism and genre-blurring pop music have become very popular, especially with his new album, SPIDERR. This colorful album expresses Bladee’s emotions as he deals with not being a normal person anymore despite his longing for a normal life. 

The dense variety of sounds in SPIDERR allows listeners to feel empathy for Bladee’s darker side, which isn’t all that euphoric. With songs like “I Am Slowly But Surely Losing Hope” Bladee expresses his struggles with moving forward saying, “Fumbling in the dark, I’m going blind.” Darker lyrics and moments like these make the upbeat and jittery sound of the album more striking. Weakness, loneliness and despair are expressed in almost every song throughout SPIDERR. 

Bladee is trying to focus more on the little things in life, not being idolized as a person, and just wanting to be regular and normal. The song that really sets the rest of the album on track is “It’s Ok To Not Be Ok” which blissfully blips for a minute. Bladee’s hushed autotuned vocals add the melancholy touch that sets it aside from his louder and more aggressive albums.  

Anthony Fantano, a music reviewer on YouTube, had mixed feelings about this album. He said it sounded a bit “too muted” and that he “wished it had a stronger climax.” Despite that, he really enjoyed the album and even said his favorite song from Bladee was in it. Anthony said “HAHA” was the “most unhinged track ever.” 

Junior Jasper Ang said that Bladee’s album is “pretty good.” He said, “I like the underlying bass music. It kind of got me amped up a little bit. Like got me jumping up and down. I thought the album was pretty nice,” Jasper gave the album a solid 7/10. 

The ending tracks of the album slow down a little bit. With a dreamy and surreal sound, the song “Uriel Outro ” is the perfect finisher. Although a bit underwhelming, it was the best way for Bladee to finish his self-reflection without pretentious vagueness. This album is definitely one of Bladees’ most diverse albums that showcases Bladee’s ability to evolve into a new sound so easily.