The Phenomenon of Sing 2

Claire Hong

The recent emergence of a few new movies has sparked plenty of excitement from both young and old audiences alike. With the opening up of movie theaters and the world in general, people are rushing to see these new movies after a long period of quarantine. So far, the latest showings have all consisted of The Matrix Resurrections, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Sing 2, all very excellent choices. While much excitement has gone towards Spider-Man: No Way Home, many have walked out of the theater having claimed to watch Sing 2 instead. 

Even without having seen the first movie, Sing 2 provides an excellent source of entertainment. This fun animated movie follows the story of the koala, Buster Moon, and his cast of performers through their ups and downs as they strive to achieve their dream of performing in the city where only the greatest productions are executed. The main problem is that they have to recruit an incredibly famous yet secretive recluse they have never had contact with to pull this off. Obviously, this is already an almost impossible task, yet the time crunch Jimmy Crystal, the main antagonist, has given them forces the group to use desperate measures to recruit this celebrity. 

The seemingly simple story follows the growth of each and every character, providing a challenge they must personally and individually overcome in order for them to succeed as a group. Each challenge serves as a step to further along with each character and allows them to reach beyond what they ever dreamed of without losing part of themselves along the way. Staying true to themselves serves as a common theme throughout the movie, even if that means refusing to conform to what those in higher positions ask them to do.

Junior Leilani Lepe exclaimed, “This movie is it. Although I think little kids might not understand it. My expectations were set far below but this definitely exceeded them. I definitely recommend you watch this. It teaches ‘teamwork makes the dream work.’”

The ending provides a satisfying close to all the drama and problems that had previously been thrown at the group of misfits, especially with the grand performance that brought an unexpectedly delightful showcase of the character’s growth. Each is much more confident in their abilities and themselves, which in turn brings out a much greater performance. 

Senior Emily Alvarez said, “I would be willing to watch it, but maybe should watch the first one before. Being asked these questions made me go look up what Sing 2 was, so heard about it from you. The movie made a lot at the box office and has well-known people in its cast so maybe it’s good.”

Regardless of your age group or movie preference, Sing 2 undoubtedly provides an outstanding source of entertainment and inspiration. Whether or not you have watched the first movie holds no regard to your enjoyment of the second and is not necessary to follow the fun and lively plot of Sing 2. The movie is lighthearted enough to not need your undivided attention and emotional investment, yet still is able to contain moments and characters that are relatable and heartwarming. Sing 2 is a fantastic choice for anyone and every one, providing an overall satisfying and delightful experience.