Not all Things are a Good Riddance


Good Riddance is an album written by Gracie Abrams. Abrams is a new up-and-coming artist. She has one album, Good Riddance, which came out on February 24 of 2023. Along with two  EPs, This Is What It Feels Like, which came out on November 12, 2021, and Minor which came out on July 14, 2020. She has gained a very large following, very quickly, with her second tour coming to an end in April of 2023. Doing so while Abrams is simultaneously opening for Taylor Swift at a couple of her shows on the Eras Tour.

Good Riddance has 12 tracks and is 52 minutes and 30 seconds long. Which, from personal experience, is longer than most albums with only twelve tracks. She is also coming out with a deluxe version of this album very soon. Abrams’ voice is soft and peaceful, which can be easily noticed in the way she sings. Her tone is very soft and breathy no matter the way she sings but the emotion is not lost in this. Most of the songs on this album are sad and heart-wrenching.   

It’s the type of album that you blast in your earbuds on repeat because every song makes you feel something different. Sophomore Joyce Allaf expressed, “I really enjoyed this album. I thought that the songs were very much in with mainstream media but also slightly different as to the way that Gracie Abrams sings. She really sounds like most up-and-coming artists right now.”  It fits most emotions that high schoolers will feel in their teenage to young adult years, with relationships, friends, and family. There are some cases where you can’t put what you’re feeling into words, but music and artist singing these songs can portray them better than you’d ever thought possible. That is what Gracie Abrams’s songs sound like, every emotion you’ve ever felt and tried to explain into one lovely beautiful album.