The Party Don’t Start Til Peeps Walk In


New unusual flavors of Peeps Marshmallow Candies are in stores as of 2023. Peeps are marshmallows rolled in colorful sugar, usually chick or bunny shaped. Not only do the marshmallows have a whimsical and unique look, but the flavors also turn heads. The Peeps brand is well known for its wide range of interesting flavors and many look forward to the seasonal marshmallows during the holidays. 

This year, some Easter flavors that made a comeback were sour watermelon, cotton candy, sparkly wild berry, party cake, and fruit punch. In addition to these returning flavors, Peeps released three new flavors: Dr. Pepper, Mike and Ike, and brace yourself……kettle corn.

Dr. Pepper has a very distinct taste so curiosity is arising in consumers about whether the Peeps live up to the Dr. Pepper flavor or fall short.

On the topic of soda, Peeps has not only released new marshmallows but has also collaborated with Pepsi to create a marshmallow flavored cola. Yes, you read that right, the classic Peeps marshmallow flavor has been made into a fizzy beverage. The Peeps Pepsi’s original debut was in 2021, however, the sugary drink’s spotlight was dimmed due to the pandemic. The limited edition soda has now made a comeback this spring, but it is not easy to come by. Hopefully, as more people get their hands on it, there will be less mystery surrounding the question of whether this collab deserves any attention.