Our 2023-2024 USL Executives!

With the school year coming to an end, it means out with the old and in with the new! Let’s meet our 2023-2024 USL Executives!

Alonna Vaipulu – 2023-2024 USL President

Although there are some nerves, I’m very excited to be in this position. I’ve been in USL since my freshman year, so being able to grow as a leader and end up as the President my senior year is truly an exciting experience. My overall goal for next year is to continue using our voices as student government to create the most inclusive and memorable high school experiences for everyone.”

Izzy Healy – 2023-2024 USL Vice President

I’m super excited. I hope to get more people involved with attending school events and supporting teams.”

Hailey Hacker – 2023-2024 USL Secretary 

“I’m Hailey and I’m super excited to be USL Secretary next year! I can’t wait to work with Alonna and be her right-hand man. My position consists of keeping a file of all USL correspondence to ensure we’re running as efficiently as possible. Next year, I’d love to help with the organization of our leadership room so that we can work more productively to ultimately benefit the rest of the student population. I’d also like to help in elevating the student voice so that everyone feels included as well as get the best out of their time in high school.”

Chanrangsey Ly – 2023-2024 USL Co-Publicity

“For me personally, at first I didn’t think I was going to make it until the end of the year because as a first year in USL and also one of the executives, the responsibility affected me the most. I was the one that was just focusing on myself only and never wished to be socialized, but this position changed me to put others first and focus on my job that needs to be done each day. Since inclusivity is one of the main things that North always carries on along with in each event or activity, It would be great to extend or improve it and make North even more inclusive not to just us students but to the guests too.”

Jasleen Delgado – 2023-2024 USL Co-Publicity

“I enjoy it and I like recognizing students, especially with posters, rosters, etc.

What I have in store for next year is staying involved with school and doing good in school.”

We are so excited that these individuals are going to be our leaders of next year! Go Huskies!