A Final Farewell

As this school year comes to an end, it is coming to a time where we are looking forward to the summer and our relaxing and fun break ahead. However, it is important to also prepare for the upcoming school year and know how to take action on certain necessities for the new semester. 

While seniors’ high school careers are coming to an end and they are starting a new chapter, underclassmen like freshmen and sophomores’ high school years are just beginning. So before we let out into a nice summer break, get ready for next semester to take on bigger and better things. While most of us do our back-to-school shopping in August or late July, there are many things we can do now, before this current semester ends, to get prepared for next year. 

Making sure to have all classes picked out seems obvious and most have already done so, but some may need a few changes to be made to their schedules. Asking to see a counselor this year can help save some time next semester. Although simple class switches are something that can be done when we get back to school, getting most of them done now will feel relieving. When picking out classes with a counselor, it is also important to consider taking a higher level class or even sometimes dropping a class if there is too much on your plate. Taking higher level classes like IB and AP not only give you a leg up, but most grades are even weighted in those types of classes, so your GPA can exceed the 4.0 maximum. There are even certain college classes available to take in your later years in high school that give you college credits if the class is passed. Be cautious when entering these classes though, as a failed college class in high school can turn into a failed college class on your record. Keep in mind that these types of classes can be too much to handle for some students, so dropping a class may be what is right for some people. 

Current juniors and sophomores, drafting applications for colleges and starting to form a resume is crucial to those who are looking to get into their dream schools. This long and tedious process may not be something you want to complete over the summer, but it will be beneficial to at least look into everything, just to know what to expect later on. Along with these applications, juniors and seniors can start, or continue, looking at getting scholarships that they qualify for. Almost any scholarship helps so look for ones that fit your needs and will help you in the future. 

Along with scholarships, things like volunteer work and finding ways to get those last couple of credits by the end of the year are also massively important, especially for juniors and seniors. Participating in activities like community service and certain volunteer work not only gives students their community service hours, but they also look great on college applications and resumes. 

While summer means getting some sun, hanging out with friends, and relaxing, it can also mean retaking classes you haven’t passed in previous years. Summer school forms have already been filled out for those who need them and while these courses won’t be the most fun, they will have substantial benefits for students so that they can succeed in the following years. Use this class time to focus, and look forward to it being over, where there will be summer fun and passed class waiting for you. 

When asked to give some advice for fellow students for this upcoming school year, freshman Elihud Cruz says,“Don’t procrastinate and talk to people,”. 

And as it gets closer to actual back-to-school time, that means back to school shopping. There are many stores like Target and Walmart that put out their back-to-school items around the middle of summer. While many wait to do their shopping in late July or early August, research done by NBC news shows that in the past couple of years, most of the deals and sales happen right after July 4th, so to buy in bulk, go shopping around that time. As for back-to-school clothes, most stores have many of their sales in August or September, so you might have to wait a little longer to get those new outfits to show off. 

Bee Baron, a freshman at North, shares what she feels is important for all students to bring to school each day and says, “Bring like six packs of pencils because by the end of the year, you’re gonna end up with one pencil left,”. 

Just simple activities like these can help us become more prepared for our next coming years in high school and allow us to be stress-free and happy throughout the summer. Don’t try too hard to rush these years because they will be gone in the blink of an eye. Enjoy your summer, Huskies, see you next fall! Good luck in college or wherever life takes you next, graduates!