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Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and the one you love. Usually, Valentine’s Day is a day for couples to get each other flowers, chocolates, and go on a cute date but it doesn’t need to be just about that. Valentine’s Day should just be centered around what you love: your cat, your mom, your friends- it doesn’t have to be only romantic relationships. 

Valentine’s Day, as it is viewed now, seems overrated, especially for people who are not in relationships. The feeling of love doesn’t only come from romantic relationships so Valentine’s Day should reflect that. There is no reason you can’t get your friends and family Valentine’s gifts as well; it’s just showing you love and appreciate them. 

In a recent interview with freshman Sofia Farias, she shares her insight on Valentine’s Day, which she finds is overrated, “I feel like if you’re in a couple, it’s kind of more enjoyable, so I’m gonna say ‘no’.”

Although it is more traditional to have a Valentine and receive gifts from a “special someone” on V-day, being with your friends can be just as fun. This is why many people celebrate “Galentine’s Day” on February 13th, a type of Valentine’s Day for friends to show love for friendships as well. 

When asked if Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with friends, freshman Marvin Collins shares how he celebrates, “Yeah, with my friends or any family members that are single.” 

Galentine’s Day has become more and more popular over the years as many people started to realize Valentine’s Day with only a significant other is beginning to seem overrated. This day surrounded by friends allows people to realize how lucky they are to have friends and family in their lives that they care about. Although it is great to show appreciation to “that special someone”, sometimes it is fun to have a mini celebration with your friends as well. 

In this day and age, a classic Valentine’s Day seems overrated and frankly, unneeded. Spending Valentine’s Day with friends, family and your S.O can be a perfect balance and make everyone feel loved all around. So from now on, consider ditching the classic way to celebrate and spend the day with everyone who loves you.