Everything Everywhere All At Once Scores a Historical Golden Globe


Image via huffpost.com and Getty Images

Everything Everywhere All At Once achieved a fantastic feat for being a phenomenal film but also for winning a Golden Globe. For the first time in almost 40 years, an Asian actor has scored himself a Golden Globe award for best-supporting actor. Ke Huy Quan is the first Asian actor to win since Haing S Nor in the 1984 film, The Killing Fields. Both actors won the Golden Globe award for their stellar work as supporting characters in their respective films.

“Everything Everywhere All At Once was a great film by itself, but the added achievement of winning two Golden Globes for Ke Huy’s and Michelle Yeoh’s amazing performance – Senior Robert Ortiz explains

This isn’t Ke Huy Quan’s first time working in the film industry as he has been an actor as early as 1984. During his time as a child actor, he starred in films like The Goonies where he played Data along with his work in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as Indiana’s baseball cap-wearing sidekick, Short Round. 

“I loved Ke Huy’s work in films that I loved as a child like Data in The Goonies, it’s great seeing him win such a prestigious award for his amazing work” – Senior Jayden Jacobs says

As revealed in an interview with Yang-Yi Goh a writer for GQ, Ke Huy, after being torn down by his insecurities, was inspired by the success and popularity of Crazy Rich Asians. After the success of Crazy Rich Asians, he found himself an agent who helped him score a role in the titular film Everything Everywhere All At Once

“The parallel universe was a great addition to the movie that helped it become what it is, this is mostly because of Ke Huy’s performance as Alpha-Waymond” – Robert describes

Ke Huy’s work in Everything Everywhere All At Once scored him a Golden Globe award for playing the minor role of Waymond Wang, the main protagonist, Evelyn Quan’s husband. Waymond’s purpose in the movie was to introduce the everything bagel along with the support of Evelyn’s journey across the many parallel universes she travels. Ke Huy’s performance as both Waymond and Alpha-Waymond and his achievement earning the Golden Globe can be a big inspiration for other Asian actors and actresses everywhere, showing that you can succeed in a diverse environment like Hollywood.

“The subtle marital theme during the start of the movie was great because later in the film, it pays off in the end when Evelyn and Waymond repair their marriage” – Jayden discloses

Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s Everything Everywhere All At Once has amassed widespread popularity because of its great story and beloved performance by Ke Huy Quan who deservedly won a Golden Globe. His award for the best-supporting actor of 2022 was influential as he is the first supporting role Asian man in almost four decades to be nominated for and win a Golden Globe award. 

This achievement is a shining beacon of hope and inspiration for actors everywhere. Hard work and dedication can give anyone a chance to make it big in a diverse and challenging environment like Hollywood.