Girls’ Water Polo Senior Night

The John W. North Girls Water Polo season has been progressing throughout the winter sports season. It has been a tough season for the girls, with wins and losses the girls are determined to end the season with a bang on a senior night. With the league coming up quickly and two tournaments in the same month, the girls are working hard to win as many games as they can. The 5 Counties Tournament from January 13 to 14, hosted at the North Pool, had the girls winning two out of their four games. In the following two weeks, the girls have their last few games on the 24th and the 26th, with the league following the Monday after.

In the previous games this year, the girls have fought well. They’ve played 14 games and won 8. It has been a rough season for the girls. Coach Ryan Lopez says, “The girl’s water polo team has had a growing year as we transitioned from a senior-heavy lineup to almost all new starters. They put in the work and dedication and improve as complete student-athletes.”

That week, the girls also had their last two home games which include their senior night. The senior night was against Poly. Every one of our seven seniors on the team was honored for their hard work for however long they’ve been playing the sport. The senior game against Poly was a hard-fought one. It was a mixed game with both teams playing all of their players from Varisty to Frosh. In the first quarter, the score was 0-10 the girls were realizing that this game was going to be harder than anticipated. In the third quarter, the girls scored their first and only goal. They put up a good fight but ultimately suffered a crushing defeat of 1 to 23. 

After this game, the girls played against Elsinore on Tuesday and lost 2-18. That Thursday the girls played Temescal Canyon and lost 5-15. They went to the league as the last-place team and lost their first game against Valley View 2-18 this caused them to be kicked out of the league and will not be moving on to CIF. The girls played as hard as they could this season. They improved greatly and should be proud of their season.