Damar Hamlin: Life is Bigger Than Football

During the game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday, January 2nd, Damar Hamlin from the NFL Buffalo Bills entered cardiac arrest. This terrifying injury occurred after a tackle on the field during the first half of the game. 

It was a normal Monday night game when number 3, the safety of the Buffalo Bill’s heart stopped for a moment after he collapsed mid-game; medics rushed to aid Damar Hamlin. Medics on the field revived Damar and rapidly sent him to the hospital. It is still unknown what caused Hamlin to go into cardiac arrest since he is active and doesn’t have any abnormal risk factors. 

After receiving CPR from medics on the field, Hamlin was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in critical condition. On January 5th, after nearly two days of being unresponsive in the hospital, Hamlin woke up with limited communication, though he was responsive.

 “Among those improvements include Hamlin being awake and responsive with the ability to move both his hands and feet, while also being able to communicate with his doctors, nurses and family members via writing on a clipboard,” according to buffalobills.com. 

All Bills players wore number three patches on their jerseys to show support for Hamlin’s Buffalo Bills jersey number, during week eighteen of the regular season. On Sunday, January 8th, Buffalo players and fans wore jerseys and wielded flags and posters throughout the games as a homage to Hamlin. The flags the players held as they ran out onto the field read, “PRAY FOR DAMAR 3.” The proceeds from the sales were given to a charity Damar was involved in called the Chasing M Foundation which was originally created during quarantine to give toys to children but has since received 8.7 million dollars. 

After he was made aware of the homage paid to Hamlin, many fans had the same reaction as freshman Davone Watkins, “I think he deserves that.” This special tribute using his jersey number in honor of Hamlin was very deserved and uplifting during this distressed situation. 

When asked how he felt after he saw the support for Hamlin, freshman Jefrid Ramos exclaims, “I was so happy…I almost cried.” Many fans and supporters of Hamlin felt as emotional as Jefrid after hearing the news. 

On Monday, January 9th, Damar Hamlin was released from the University of Cincinnati hospital as he was able to breathe on his own. Hamlin is currently in a local hospital in Buffalo, New York still, according to his doctors, in critical condition. 

Live updates are being given daily to keep up with the progress and condition of Hamlin. On January 14th, Damar posted five pictures of the football player making heart hands on his Instagram with the caption, “It’s Always Been ALL Love On My End..” Seems like Hamlin is doing well and getting back into the groove of things. Fans, family and players continue to send prayers and support to Hamlin and hope he can get back on the field as soon as possible.