Murrieta Mesa vs North

On Friday, September 23rd, the Boys’ Water Polo team went head to head with Murrieta Mesa, losing 9-12. 

The Huskies fought hard with back to back scores and anxiety inducing quarters. The game kept spectators, coaches, and even players on their toes to see if North could beat Murrieta Mesa. 

Murrieta Mesa had a total of 10 players but could easily rival North’s 18. All players from Mesa kept the game going and didn’t back down one bit which led to their shocking win. 

First quarter started with Murrieta Mesa’s number 4 taking their first goal at 6:27 leading the game off with 0-1. Then at 5:53, player number 4 of North took his shot and tied at 1-1. A few minutes later at 4:28, North scored their second goal and then Mesa took their second goal as well. The closeness of the game remains all throughout the quarter and eventually ends with the tie of 3-3.  

Penalty shot was at 5:48, beginning of the second quarter on number 4 Mesa, North missed that shot. About 20 seconds after that, Mesa scored at 5:27 leading the score at 4-3, and another 20 seconds after that number 13 on Mesa scored again, 5-3. North Boys’ in retaliation scored five more points to then match Mesa’s own score. When halftime rolled around, North was in the lead with 7-6, but not before number 7 on North’s team, Phoenix Joven, took his last shot at :34 seconds. The crowd cheered and the bench on the North’s side jumped in excitement. When the whistles blew for halftime, the scoreboard read 8-6. 

Third quarter was when strategy and the real fight began for the North Boys. Both teams went back and forth for the first 3 minutes until Mesa’s coach called a timeout at 3:14. After that, they played the remainder of the quarter until number 16 on Mesa was ejected and within  5 seconds later North’s number 5 scored their final goal of the quarter, ending with 9-6. Everyone was on the edge of their seats and held their breaths for next quarter to see if North would really win since it very much looked like it. 

The last quarter is where things got difficult for the North Boys’ Water Polo team. They thought they had the lead of 3 points but in the span of 7 minutes, 6 goals were made by Murrieta Mesa. As soon as the quarter started, two minutes in, number 4 on Mesa’s team scored a goal having the score 7-9. Then at 4:34 and 3:05 two goals were scored marking the score 9-9. Now the bench and the players on both sides are panicking. A minute later at 2:05, they got a goal again, 10-9. The crowd is quiet, holding onto their seats and their brerathes.  Another goal was made at 1:34, 11-9. Now they’re three points up. Mesa did not give up the fight for the ball, they continued to go back and forth. Then at the 0:01, North tried calling a timeout but since it was not their possession of the ball, Mesa earned a penalty shot for it. Both teams got out and one player remained for the shot. So at 0:00, Mesa’s number 4  scored, ending the game at 12-9. 

After that, both teams lined up and shook hands. North went to their side to talk about the game. Mesa went to their side immediately and began to congratulate each other for playing a great game against North. 

This game was by far one of North’s most challenging games for the season. Not to mention memorable as well. Both teams had fun and hopefully next year the Boy’s Polo team can beat them.