Varsity Volleyball First League Win


Andrew Ross

Number 12 Sarai Gross, hitting a ball over the net

September 13, 2022, the North High School girls’ Varsity Volleyball team played against Moreno Valley and had their first game of the League season. The team is led by co-captains Xandria Milhoan and Nicole Stearns. 

The ladies put up a good fight going to four sets. Winning 25-22 in the first set. But, in the end, suffered a crushing defeat 19-25 in the second set, third set 21-25, and in the final set 21-25. Moval seems to be the girl’s biggest competition so far. They play Moval again later in the season and are determined to beat them the second time around. 

The following Thursday, September 15th the Varsity Volleyball team played against Rancho Verde and had their first League win. The girls put their all into the game proving that the first loss would not define the rest of the season. 

The North team won the first set 25-16, with some amazing aces from #14. Along with teamwork that forces the other team to stumble during their attempts to get the ball back over the net. North’s lead was making this game out to be an easy win for the Huskies.

In the second set, North won again with a score of 25-11, with strong hits from the middle blocker #1 and outside #9. The team scored point after point, leaving the other team scrambling for scraps of points. Once again the game is in favor of the North Huskies. 

Finally, in the third set, the team won 25-15. There was an amazing effort from everyone on the team. The game had all the girls ending with smiles on their faces knowing that their skill in the game would continue to improve throughout the rest of the season. The team rounded up and cheered out Rancho as a thank you and went home excited for their next game.