Our Favorite Serial Killer is Back!

The notorious killer that assassinates criminals, Dexter Morgan, has returned to television after eight years with its new series Dexter: New Blood. (Warning: this will contain spoilers, proceed with caution if you haven’t watched it.)

Many eager fans were dying to see how Dexter’s life had ended up after the Season Eight finale. After he faked his death in Miami by driving his boat into the eye of Hurricane Laura, we saw Dexter living his life as a lumberjack in Oregon. 

Now, in New Blood, Dexter is living in a small town in Iron Lake, New York. He’s living a normal, boring life and is dating the chief of police, Angela Bishop. The main antagonist of the show is Kurt Caldwell, the father of Matt Caldwell, who Dexter murders in the first episode. Dexter’s son, Harrison who was previously shown throughout the series before, makes an appearance in New Blood all grown up and searching for his father. Dexter takes Harrison in and attempts to rekindle the relationship they once had when Harrison was younger.

Dexter fan, Mr. Armijo expresses how he feels about the new show, “I’m really enjoying the new Dexter show. I was a big Dexter fan back in the day and I watched it nearly every night with my parents, it was a good bonding experience with them. I can’t lie I was a little bit disappointed in the ending, it left on a big cliffhanger and so for years I’ve always been wondering ‘What happened to Dexter?’ I think that this show was a good opportunity to pick up where it left off and to enter the world of Dexter again.”

Mr. Armijo has not currently finished the show yet, so now he gives insight on what he thinks is going to happen in the end, “Right now, there is a lot of stuff going on. Harrison is looking a little bit like a Dexter Jr. and Dexter’s past is coming back to bite him. The optimist in me wants to say everything is going to be okay and that Dexter and Harrison are going to get out of this well. They are going to be able to start fresh and put behind both their dark pasts but, the realist in me says that there’s probably trouble for Dexter and Harrison.”

Mr. Armijo is correct. Though he has not seen the entirety of the show yet, there was lots of trouble for Dexter and Harrison. Kurt Caldwell puts the pieces together that Dexter was the one who killed Matt Caldwell, his son. Angela, the chief of police, receives an anonymous note reading “Jim Lindsay killed Matt Caldwell.” Jim Lindsay is the fake name Dexter is going by since he faked his death. Angela’s suspicions arise as she begins investigating Dexter. 

Angela stumbles upon a case that was closed in Miami called “The Bay Harbor Butcher.” This case was all Dexter’s doing, however, he framed all of his crimes on an officer of Miami Metro Police, James Doakes. Angela has led her suspicions to this case specifically because of the needle mark she found on a drug dealer Dexter attacked. Angela found that all of the corpses in the pictures provided of “The Bay Harbor Butcher” had the same needle mark on their necks, specifically called a “wheelbarrow.” Angela also sees a pattern of etorphine, a sedative, in all of the victim’s systems on their autopsy reports. 

Mr. Armijo continues to elaborate, “I think the actor who is portraying Harrison is doing an amazing job. I’m not a big fan of the character though. I do think that there is a little bit of a cheesy element to the show that the original Dexter did not have that I’m not enjoying so far. Overall, it’s living up to the expectations.”

Mr. Armijo is completely correct about the show having a “cheesy element” to it. In the original series, it was not as dramatic and fast-paced as New Blood is. Yes, that may be because most of the pivotal characters such as LaGuerta, Rita, Lundy, etc. are not in the show, but that was not what made the show dramatic. What made the show dramatic was the character Harrison Morgan, Dexter’s son. In most, if not all of the episodes of the show, Harrison continues to rebel against his father when all Dexter wants to do is be with his son again. 

Mr. Armijo concludes his statement by saying, “I think he will be found out, but I don’t know if he’s going to be actually caught. I think Dexter always finds a way to get away. I think people will find out who he is, so, he might have to go somewhere else.” 

Turns out, Mr. Armijo is incorrect. He does not get away, this time he gets killed! By his SON. Unfortunately, it is the truth, Dexter gets shot and killed by Harrison. Dexter could never catch a break, his life was one traumatic event after another. He never got the mental help that he needed when he was younger and his foster father, Harry Morgan used Dexter as an experiment instead, ultimately turning him into a monster. 

When Harrison is threatening to shoot Dexter, Harrison says, “Open your eyes and look at what you’ve done!” This line was a tie back to the very first episode of the original series. Dexter’s very first victim (shown on the show) cowers in fear as Dexter yells, “Open your eyes and look at what you did!” This was a phenomenal touch to add to the new show to reveal that this is the way Dexter’s life is going to end. Harrison then shoots his father with no hesitation, leaving him in the snow, alone.

Update: Mr. Armijo finished the series and says “I hated it.” Armijo and many other fans did not like this ending for Dexter. They believe that Dexter: A genius killer, should have died more grandly. This ending for Dexter stunned fans and makes them even angrier when Harrison drives away smiling after just killing his father.