“You” Show Review

The hit Netflix show You has come out with its highly anticipated third season, answering many viewers’ questions and unraveling an extensive plot while simultaneously resolving the cliffhanger that Season Two ended with. (Warning: this will contain spoilers, proceed with caution if you haven’t watched it.)

You follows a man named Joe Goldberg who seeks love, and while that sounds innocent, what Joe does for love is far from that. Joe uses social media among other techniques to stalk the women he takes interest in. 

Throughout the course of the first two seasons, Joe finds a woman and takes interest in them. Then, as their relationship progresses, Joe kills or hurts anyone who gets in the way. Before Season Three, we are left with Joe stuck in a relationship he became very unhappy with after seeing who she really was, and not to mention, a baby on the way.

Now, Season Three is out and we finally get to see the story continue. Season Three is much different than the first two seasons, and that is what made it so interesting.  Of course, Joe still does his usual stalking (despite being married!) and killing, but the overall vibe of the show is much different. This season is vastly different from the others because it focuses on Joe and Love, his wife, and their struggles with their marriage, being parents, covering up murder and attempting to fit in the suburban hell they live in. 

“Season Three of You was really interesting to watch. I think that Joe and Love’s relationship was really toxic and I like that the show kinda spreads awareness that there can be toxic relationships in real life, not just on screens,” says Senior Deodata Olivares.

The characters in this season add to the plot tremendously. Turning to Joe and Love’s character, first, they are horrible people. Joe is a living hypocrite, as in the last season, after finding out that Love is a murderer just like him, he judges her and doesn’t forgive her. Joe can’t bear to admit that he is a bad person, which is displayed in the Season Two finale but it fades away immediately when Love confesses that she killed Delilah. Joe is almost afraid of Love and what she is capable of but Joe and Love are the same. We see throughout the season that they do the same things: cheat on each other, lie to each other, and so on. Both of them seek unconditional love, affection, and validation from someone because they both lacked stable parental figures in their lives growing up. Love and Joe slowly fall out of love with each other because they are close to the same people. Their relationship is very toxic just like Deodata Olivares stated. The two argue and disagree very often in their relationship, then get intimate to “make up” for it. There is no healthy communication between the two either. The relationship is very forced; Joe only stays with Love because of their son, and they do not truly love each other anymore. 

Matthew Engler, Joe and Love’s neighbor, is a very realistic and relatable character. He drowns himself in work when things get tough when his wife is murdered, who was killed off in the first episode! Matthew’s character development is beautiful to watch, where, throughout the season, we see Matthew go through the worst period of his life when he discovers his wife was murdered. He hardly sleeps or eats as he works, never giving up on his wife, Natalie. Love murdered Natalie and framed it on someone else, but Matthew is smart enough to realize that the story does not add up.

Natalie Engler’s murder in the first episode keeps us hooked onto the plot with the question, “What will Joe do now?” Natalie’s early death in the show shocked many viewers who expected Natalie to be the main victim of Season Three. It was a jaw-dropping plot twist that was done so suddenly and made the season so much more entertaining to watch. 

Season Three was amazing to watch, the cinematography is stunning and visually appealing. For example, in the scene where Love catches Theo in her bakery attempting to save the Conrads from being trapped in the box, the camera focuses on Theo. Then, when Love says “Hey Theo…” the camera suddenly switches to Love hitting Theo on the head. This use of the camera created a tense environment and almost let the audience know exactly what was about to happen.

 This season was completely unpredictable, containing a lot of twists and turns. It also did a marvelous job at illustrating the many struggles through marriage, though Joe and Love’s relationship is not the typical marriage, they still go through the normal struggles. 

The general flow of the season was great as well, nothing was repetitive or boring either. The ending of this season was a super great setup for the next season as well, and once again, unexpected. The murder-suicide Joe set up for Love’s death was brilliant but horrifying to witness. Joe is clever in the worst way possible. Season Three was amazing and highly recommended if you want your mind to explode!