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Closing Summertime with a New Album

Zach Bryan Performing Live

Zach Bryan is a relatively well-known folk and rock artist with solid country roots. Bryan has been making music since 2017, his career beginning when he was in the Navy during his free time. He released his first album, DeAnn, in 2019 as a tribute to his late mother and is currently going on his Burn, Burn, Burn tour, which began on May 10th and will end on August 30th. 

Bryan has also announced that he will hit the road again in 2024 for his Quittin’ Time tour. He recently released his new self-named album, Zach Bryan on August 25th, 2023. It is his 5th album, one of the albums being a live recording from his tour in 2022. It is 16 tracks long, including one poem, and the album is 54 minutes and 23 seconds long.  

This album is beautifully written and has a wonderful selection of songs with deep and meaningful lyrics. The music itself has a unique sound to it.  While most of the songs are sad you can still enjoy them in a happy mindset with lyrics that you wouldn’t necessarily hear with the kind of instruments and tunes that Bryan and his band use. The sound of the music could be very rock-like and upbeat, but the lyrics themselves could be rather sad. Either way, this kind of music seems to be enjoyed in any way, happy or sad. 

The poem that he released with the album, “Fear and Fridays (Poem)” has been partly heard by fans previously, and they’ve loved it. Needless to say, everyone was very excited to see it on the tracklist for this album.

 Junior Samantha Torres expressed, “[…]I love the fact that he actually finally released ‘Fear and Fridays (Poem)’, which was beautiful!”

Lots of people think that country music is boring and all about the same topics. I used to be one of those people, but I’ve expanded my music and have grown to love the folk/country type of sound.

 Junior Samantha Torres also states, “It was beautiful, I love the way he composes all his feelings in his songs!… Listening to his music you feel like the main character of a movie going through all the emotions. This album [definitely] feels kinda’ like a breakup album, I feel as if this is his way of telling us how he feels.”

Many fans expected a break-up album due to Bryan’s recent split with his girlfriend at the end of May. Even so, the way that he composes his feelings into these magnificent songs with complex analogies to express how these different situations have made him feel, makes the album feel like more than just a break-up album. These traits are not unique to him but are fundamentals that draw the line between a good artist and a great artist. He also writes it in a way that isn’t specific only to his situations, they can apply to what has happened to anyone. They aren’t specifically “break-up” songs, they’re just a type of mourning song. Mourning has different stages and you can see how Bryan went through these stages in his music. This album is like a telescope into different areas of his life, and it is a precious way that he decided to share it with us. It is these smaller acts that make Zach Bryan’s music worth listening to.

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