North: Go Green!

Leticia Velasquez

California weather has been quite volatile and the weather patterns in Riverside are a mess. In the same week of school, students experience both the harsh beaming sun and gloomy rainfall, sometimes even hail.

The fluctuating weather patterns are a consequence of climate change largely due to  human activities. A driving factor that continuously proves to be a hindrance to an attainable Green Planet. 

Climate change, along with many environmental issues such as air pollution and food waste, are alarming red flags that California faces. Such issues make days like Earth Day a necessary day of raising awareness. Earth Day was on April 22nd and the official theme in 2023 was “Invest in Our Planet.” 

Nowadays, teenagers are not the most conscious of their impact on the planet. However, in honor of Earth Day, teenagers are encouraged to invest their time into improving the planet. Luckily, North offers many opportunities that encourage students to enjoy the outdoors with hands-on clubs such as the Garden Club.


The Garden Club meets during lunch on Fridays (Room 710) to maintain and harvest North’s colorful garden located next to the library. 

Mrs. McCandless, co-advisor of the Garden Club, expresses her concern on the composting and food waste problems at North, “You know, all the energy and stuff that comes into getting the apple [metaphor for lunch food] in front of the students. There’s so much energy: the washing, the traveling, everything that gets the apple in front of the students, to have that students either look at it and throw it to a friend or take a small bite. There is a struggle there- to me, that is heartbreaking [….] I mean, yes, the environment [is important]. But if you start here, with what’s going on in our school, that’s what you can do to help.”

Not only are North students exposed to clubs such as Garden Club or Key Club for clean-ups, all students are encouraged to practice mindfulness and gratitude for a planet that is able to sustain their lives. Earth Day is a commemoration of the power that individuals have on their environment, especially the movement students can initiate so that North can be a green school.