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Jesse Hollifield

Homecoming DJ

Mae Sergeant, Opinion Editor

Homecoming is something most students look forward to at the beginning of the year, especially the freshman. Most schools keep it simple but try to ensure that all students would have a good time at homecoming. To excite the students, the school leadership programs pick out themes. At North, the choices given this year were, MTV, Space Cowboys, and Glow in the Dark. Soon, votes were cast and Glow in the Dark won

Although students respected leadership programs for the hard work they put into the dances and activities at the school, the theme was not what the students wanted. From word of mouth, many of the students from leadership didn’t want this theme either. Overall some of the school was pretty disappointed with the results of this year’s homecoming theme.  

One of the issues that students found was that they didn’t know what to wear in correspondence to the concept.  Sophomore Iris Highman shared, “[I did not attend the Homecoming] partially because of the theme. I enjoy dressing up for school dances and events, but I felt as though glow in the dark was hard to coordinate an outfit with.” 

An average theme has some idea of what you would wear in the name. For example, if students had chosen to do Space Cowboys, people could wear western cowboy hats, and be creative with them, like adding on astrology or planets and sparkles. However, because no one knew what to wear, USL added the Neon North part to the theme, which was where the students were supposed to dress up in all neon to keep up with Glow in the Dark.

Although lots of people still attended the annual Homecoming, some people felt less excited to go to a dance where they were not interested in the theme. There were plenty of good options for this year’s Homecoming theme, students just did not understand why or how the other themes were not chosen.