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Shawn Thew
President Joe Biden, Vice-President Kamala Harris, and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson during the State of the Union Address.

Any reasonable person concerned about what is to come knows the first full week of March 2024 was a hot mess for U.S. politics. Tuesday, March 5, 2024, was Super Tuesday. Two days later, President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. gave his State of the Union Address. But, since politics are uninteresting and many don’t bother to watch two hours of an 81-year-old talk about the current state of the nation they are living in, here are the key takeaways from Super Tuesday and the SOTU address.

Super Tuesday is, supposedly, a significant event in United States politics during the presidential primary election season; it usually occurs on Tuesdays. During Super Tuesday, multiple states hold primary elections where states announce who the primary candidate for the political house will be. Since President Biden represents the Democratic Party, he will most likely remain the left-wing’s primary candidate for the 2024 election.

This Super Tuesday was incredibly uninteresting since the other candidates aren’t beating the incredible, amazing, egocentric, ostentatious former president Donald John Trump for the right-wing primary. Furthermore, there is literally no other Republican delegate to vote for. Candidates Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis dropped out before Super Tuesday and Nikki Haley paused her campaign mid-Super Tuesday, leaving Trump to be the only possible primary.

Even if Nikki Haley didn’t drop out, she would not have beaten the superb Donald Trump. The South Carolina governor Nikki Haley did not have a consistent take on any promise. She claims to be “pro-life”, to a lesser extent compared to her Republican contenders, but she also “supported some of the most restrictive abortion measures that the South Carolina Legislature could pass,” according to NewsNation. In an attempt to sway young voters, her actions as governor seem to contradict her words. 

Nikki Haley said she wants to change the retirement age “so that it matches life expectancy” (essentially raising the retirement age to 65-70). What could Nikki Haley have been thinking? No one wants to get their Social Security later than already. Especially in a time where reaching out to the younger generation is imperative, talking about policies that force people in their 20s to work for 50 more years is outrageous to consider. 

Nikki Haley is right on one thing: Haley believes Trump is a changed man, calling him “unhinged” and “diminished”, according to NBC. Haley’s big plan to beat Trump was hoping that the court cases would drop Trump from the running. Trump is being charged with many different felonies; if he’s convicted, he is not legally allowed to run for president, allowing Haley to be a right-wing primary. She hopes people will abandon Trump and vote the only option for the Republican Party. Unfortunately, Trump supporters will likely not vote at all if Trump is dropped from the running.

Nothing significant occurred during Super Tuesday. The Democratic Party sends out an 81-year-old man to combat someone who has been twice-impeached and is a four-time criminal indictee who’s been found libel for fraud and sexual abuse. 

This person has also been banned from doing business in the state of New York for three years, owes over half a billion dollars in fines, took millions from foreign governments while he was president, tried to extort a foreign country to interfere in an election in 2020, encouraged another to help him win in 2016, actively undermined the nation’s response to a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, let a deadly disease spiral out of control, is about to go on trial for breaking campaign finance laws by paying hush money to cover up an affair during the 2016 campaign, orchestrated a months-long coup attempt that culminated in a violent insurrection to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power and install him as an unelected dictator, stole classified documents and obstructed attempts to get them back. He also never once won the popular vote, and has been routinely rejected by a majority of Americans in election after election. Biden vs. Trump will be an incredible feat to witness again, especially since another riot will likely break out no matter who wins. The most interesting event that could occur to spice up this election season is one of the candidates kicking the bucket. 

The State of the Union address is an annual speech delivered by the President of the United States during a joint session of Congress. It also means that for one day, one room contains the most evil people in the U.S. gathering in one room. Typically, the POTUS outlines their administration’s accomplishments and then presents their agenda for the upcoming year. Of course, the POTUS also discusses the overall state of the country. This year’s State of the Union address was done by our current president, Joe Biden, at the White House in Washington D.C. Again, President Biden started his address with a brief talk about the Covid-19 pandemic. He claims Trump failed to act as president and is interrupted by Derrick Van Orden yelling “lies!” Van Orden’s interruption is one of the few hecklers from that night.

Joe Biden, as a Democrat, continues his address by talking about his democratic plans. He talked about the U.S. economy, specifically superconductors, creating more jobs to help decrease unemployment. Biden then talked about providing a $10,000 tax credit to first-time home buyers and received many cheers from the crowd. 

Now is an important time to mention what SOTU means: the president spews lies about their plans. The likelihood of this plan to happen is very low since Biden’s plan will most likely get shut down by the right flank. Biden’s plans would require a two-thirds vote from Congress to be enacted. There will definitely be a majority of Congress, especially the right wing, that will vote against passing Biden’s bills. One example of this occurring was Biden’s student loan forgiveness. Although somewhat successful, it proved extremely difficult to play out. Most plans presidents bring up during their SOTU address do not come into play. So, while listeners may be excited about a $400 tax credit per month for housing, this would only happen if the entire government could agree on one thing. Unless it’s a time of war, that will not happen. 

Although the SOTU enacts nothing, watching it is still a great source of entertainment. Marjorie Taylor Greene dressed up as a hot dog vendor at a tractor pull while Biden was pumped with the White House’s drug cabinet to not have a stroke. The 2024 SOTU address also allowed all to witness the President representing the Democratic Party, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., have one of the greatest slip-ups ever. He said, “Laken Riley, an innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal.” The camera then panned over to multiple Democratic figures with a face of disappointment. As a Democrat, dehumanizing immigrants as “illegal” would have serious repercussions. Since the SOTU, President Biden has apologized for his word choice.

Soon after, Biden talked about the Israel-Hamas War. Despite stating he supports Israel, Biden plans to send the army to the Middle East to support the civilians caught in the crossfire. No true, die-hard American can “side” with Palestine in the war, however, people can still sympathize with all the innocent people, both Israeli and Palestinian, in this conflict. 

Those were the important takeaways from President Biden’s 2024 State of the Union Address. For the high notes, Biden hit the center about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Brushing over the conflict and showing support for the people suffering is good enough for Liberals to go “Look how presidential he is.” Biden also outperformed all expectations by delivering his promises for domestic policies and not croaking. 

With Super Tuesday and State of the Union over, the next big political event will be the campaign and elections in November. Until then, it never gets old seeing Democrats give standing ovations to takes that would only be controversial to billionaires and fascists. 

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