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The Future of Phones are Changing- For the Better


Ever since the first telephone was created, history was changed forever. A new source of communication was made, it affected the world for the better and for the worse. Over the decades, telephones have gone through drastic changes and have become the phones that are used in everyday life worldwide.

Phones went from the landline telephones with cords to wireless phones that would flip, then phones that came with a keypad to text with a small screen above, to the smart phones we have today. The phones we have today compared to the first telephone ever made have huge differences. One of those being how phones nowadays are used by the screen on the front. 

The most common phone that can be caught in the average person’s hands are the “brick phone” meaning phones that do not flip or fold like the newer, fancy ones. While basic brick phones are great as they are, phones are still drastically changing. 

A flip phone, such as the Galaxy flip phone is almost like a brick phone but has a creative twist. [There are other flip phones like this that exist besides Galaxy’s version.] The newest Galaxy flip phone, the Z Flip 5 can fold in half while having a screen on the back that can be used to access basic necessity apps, like texting or calling. The Galaxy Flip series has come a long way since the first design, which came with a much smaller screen that was harder to use and hinges that were not as sturdy as they are now. 

There is also the folding phone that Galaxy made, to which it looks like a normal screen until it is opened and almost becomes the size of a tablet. This phone can be used like a normal phone, but it can be great for watching movies, drawing, taking notes, and is great if someone wants to play a video game on their phone with a wider screen.

However, even though both flipping phones and folding phones seem futuristic, they are extremely pricey when compared to normal smartphones.

All kinds of phones circle back to a main issue among all generations- phone addictions.

Phones are moving forward in inventions, trying to improve every small detail. A new concept that removes all of the mindless scrolling on social media are minimalist Phones.

Minimalist phones are a genius idea for those who struggle with focusing on work if they get distracted easily because of their phone. While moving backwards on smartphone improvements, minimalist kinds of phones go forward on a user’s mindset. These kinds of phones have the necessities that all phones have, basic communications, but there are no distractions. This means that these kinds of phones have no social media on them, no games, nothing that can distract an adult or a student from being productive.

All of these phones listed have their unique and creative designs, but they also have their similarities. With every phone out there, companies have been improving their designs to suit their customers. Whether you like a simple phone that fulfills basic necessities, a fancy folding or flipping phone, or whether you want to shorten your procrastination, phones are improving in all of these ways. Year after year, phones have continued to improve their era of enrichment.

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