Example of Scamilton

Example of Scamilton

Kaylene Starks, Staff Reporter

Recently a Texan church illegally performed a broadway favorite Hamilton with script changes that contained Christan beliefs and homophobic comments that are very outrageous in the eye of the public. 

Seen comparing homosexuality to drug addiction, this controversial topic has taken storm on many social media platforms including TikTok and Instagram. Although the pastor has apologized for copyright infringement there has been no documented apology for the inappropriate comment. The recreation was filmed live and it is unheard of if they made any profit from it. The church didn’t receive any form of permission from the creator beforehand. Disappointingly shown in an archived version of their website, this was not the first time this particular church staged famous titles. They performed Beauty and the Beast in which the beast finds Jesus, Toy Story, and Despicable Me. Which all was presumably without permission. 

Hamilton is created by Lin-Manuel Miranda who is a major supporter of the queer community, his creation is about Alexander Hamilton, who is fighting the American Revolutionary war as George Washington’s right-hand man.

Based on an Instagram post @onstageblog the conclusion of the show contained the pastor delivering a sermon saying “Maybe you struggle with alcohol, with drugs, homosexuality, maybe you struggle with other things in your life your finances,” he continues. “Whatever, God can help you tonight. He wants to forgive you for your sins.” This one line offended many queer individuals especially when it came from a church where the people are stereotypically known to be homophobic.

“I feel closeted gay Christians or teens would be scared or have a negative mindset and feel like nobody supports them, which many people do but to be around people who don’t could be very traumatic and painful.” said Sophomore Miyah Guardado.

A church pastor set in Florida even refused to perform a funeral service when he learned the deceased man had been gay. Seeing created signs by certain churches saying “God good, Gays bad!” and “Gay is not okay.” All the negative commentary that some churches say is very depressing and the situation with Hamilton could possibly add another reason why a queer person stays secretive about their sexuality. Saying it is a “struggle” can easily be seen as the queer community struggles in finding their sexuality and coming to acceptance but that is weak-minded! Them Getting into heaven should not be justified because you like the same sex or you discover your own. It should be the equality Hamilton has worked towards. Vocal advocating for social equality, racial justice, and Bahrain’s human rights.

The church should apologize to the LGBTQ+ community instead of Hamilton’s musical spokesperson, Shane Marshall Brown, who said that the money received from the church would be going to the South Texas Equality Project. According to the church’s Instagram page, @doormcallen, the pastor posted, “I recognize as the pastor of the church that I have an obligation and responsibility to follow the law and educate our community about these protocols.” But they still should have that same obligation to educate the community about how to apologize for making an unnecessary homophobic addition to the script and not leave that part to someone else.