Andrew Tate’s Misogyny

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate

Kaylene Starks

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer who showcases why women are afraid of men. Misogynistic remarks say women belong in the home, can’t drive, and are a man’s property. Tate influences younger audiences, mainly males, to believe that this behavior is acceptable and they can treat a woman with discourtesy. Other behaviors such as talking about hitting and choking women, wrecking their belongings, and ceasing their freedom of leaving the household are what Andrew Tate teaches young men to do to women. 

“I’ve been told countless times about how I look, how about this, this and how I dress, that I’m a whore or a slut. Or even just men telling me what I shouldn’t do, which is none of their business.” says an anonymous student. 

Though Andrew Tate has been announcing his opinions for a very long time it is now starting to get traction, being one of the most famous figures on TikTok. Though his accounts were banned numerous times, people still see his content as worthy of being shared. Tate’s fans would make fan accounts that get thousands of views and followers, one account even had 32.6k followers. This is Andrew Tates pyramid scheme to promote Hustler’s University. The University is aimed towards financially troubled young men who feel they can’t pursue their dreams. Tates goal is to help those young men gain their independence. Due to the increased public backlash on social media hey are finding that the number of students decreased from 127,000 to 109,000 in the span of weeks, this school was once shut down but then relaunched as Hustler’s university 3.0. Which takes place via Discord. Explaining Tate’s “modern wealth creation.” Which is cryptocurrency, stocks, copywriting, e-commerce and freelancing. Which is very different from how they are promoting this university. Saying that their “highly experienced chat” banters about “sh_t to jerk ourselves off with.” While discussing crypto returns. 

“I think Andrew Tate is a joke and just says things to get fame, to be like this crazy person that says crazy things about women and gets fame about it, I think Andrew Tate is just a joke,” says Sophomore Sahira Acuna. 

He creates content demonstrating homophobic commentary, profanity, sexist remarks, and content saying women should “bear the responsibility” for being sexually assaulted, which gives off the idea that every man thinks that way. Some students believe that this can soon cause there to be more rapists and sexist males in the future generations since they are inspiring many children and teens to have the same mindset as him. Tate says he dates 18-19 aged women because it “makes an imprint” on them. He is a 35-year-old who portrays himself by taking pictures with fast cars, guns and smoking cigars to make him look like a “mafia boss.” 

There has also been a video filmed of Andrew Tate beating his ex-girlfriend. The video showed him slapping her, pulling her down by yanking her hair and beating her with a belt. Not only that but he also threatened to “f_cking kill her.” But later on, the girlfriend announced “it was a big misunderstanding and the video is just something we used to do. It was a pure game.” However, from the outside perspective, Andrew Tate’s commentary of beating women if they ever accused him of cheating doesn’t help his case and it makes it look like he just paid her off with his millions of dollars to make him look innocent and to say it was just roleplay and a “game.” 

If you have ever experienced being sexually assaulted or harassed and you need support you can’t get, you can always contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline which provides 24/7 support and is a safe place to vent your feelings and get professional help for free.