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Is College Football Better Than Ever?

Quarterback Jayden Daniels of LSU on the run

The 2023 NCAA Division 1 FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) season is underway and is better than ever. Players such as Caleb Williams, Travis Hunter, Marvin Harrison Jr and more continue to make this season more exciting than others. Though college football has been great in previous years, this one stands out the most. 

Many of teams such as the USC Trojans, Colorado Buffaloes, and Georgia Bulldogs have shown their exceptional intense competitiveness against other high ranked teams. A matchup between the Oklahoma Sooners vs. the Texas Longhorns was considered a nail-biting game with touchdown after touchdown every minute until reaching a final score of 34-30, Sooners taking the victory. 

A major highlight this year is the new management at Colorado Buffaloes football. The Colorado Buffaloes are one of the more popular teams due to its NFL hall of famer coach, Deion Sanders and players such as Sheduer Sanders, Shilo Sanders, Travis Hunter, and Xavier Weaver  who all entered the transfer portal with Deion Sanders to Colorado. Sheduer and Shilo Sanders stand out because of them both being sons to coach Deion Sanders. Sheduer Sanders and Travis Hunter are both arguably the most skilled players on the team with Sheduer’s incredible quarterback skills allowing him to throw nearly 75% of his passing completions so far and Hunter’s phenomenal two-way player  ( 

Travis Hunter brings additional attention to the team due to his rare two way positions by being a wide receiver and a cornerback, which he is both equally fantastic in. With the amount of talent the Buffaloes gather from their big name players and staff, they are led to many expectations to do good.

Many fans love the high scoring games and jaw dropping moments college football brings this year especially. Fans have had many exciting games to attend this year with thrilling games such as the LSU Tigers taking on the Ole Miss Rebels. Ole Miss won with the large final score 55-49 and USC beat the Colorado Buffaloes 48-41. 

In the beginning of the second quarter of the game, USC was up 21-0 on Colorado with many thinking it was over for the Buffaloes. But surely enough, Colorado went on a roll, scoring two touchdowns each in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter. Though Colorado looked like they were to making a comeback, the Buffaloes still ended up short with 41 points to USC’s 48 points.

Many reasons contribute to making this year stand out from other years of college football such as newly hyped teams, rare talents, and new team staff. When it comes to asking John W. North High school student Johnathan Garcia on what makes this year stand out more than previous years, he says, “I think it stands out more because of the new addition of Deion Sanders, Travis Hunter, and Shadur Sanders of Colorado being added to the PAC-12 Conference.” 

College football is still yet to finish and is already off to a fantastic start. With talent everywhere it gives fantastic opportunities to make this year stand out. There is still tons of games to be played which leads to the question, is college football better than ever?

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