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The Rise of Psychedelic Drugs and their Benefits

A close up image of LSD/Acid tabs.

What are psychedelic drugs? Psychedelic drugs (also known as hallucinogens) are drugs that consist of many different types of chemicals and are sometimes found naturally in trees and plants, while others are made in a laboratory. 

All drugs have both positive effects and negative effects which alter the lives of many people. Drugs are used to benefit the lives of many but also drag many of them down. Drugs can be hazardous and must be used in the right and controlled situations. TRIGGER WARNING we do not condone the use of drugs because of their negative side effects and potential for injury and in extreme cases, death.

  Psychedelic drugs are used to trigger non-ordinary mental states, also known as psychedelic experiences or “trips”. Many individuals turn to psychedelic drugs as an escape from their emotions and feelings. The psychedelic trips cause visions and different emotional feelings that many enjoy.

There are many different types of psychedelic drugs in the world with many different types of uses. Some of these drugs are illegal in some places, while others are allowed for medical purposes. To many, psychedelic drugs seem unethical and harmful, but recent studies revealing new information about the drugs may change their minds.

Doctors and researchers have come out with studies stating that some psychedelic drugs are beneficial for illnesses such as mental health if used in the right, controlled situations.

  According to, “Recent studies suggest that some psychedelics help treat mental health conditions, from depression to alcohol use disorder, PTSD, and more.”

With the release of these studies, many healthcare professionals are now considering prescribing small doses of hallucinogens to their patients suffering from mental illness. These doses are intended to boost people’s moods and encourage the growth of connections between neurons in the brain.

Some psychedelic mushrooms contain a prodrug compound called psilocybin, which has been proven to be beneficial to those who struggle with mental illness. Psychedelics trigger neurons in the brain, which result in psychedelic trips. According to Cornell University, “The psychedelic drugs LSD and psilocybin activate serotonin receptors on brain cells in a way that reduces the energy needed for the brain to switch between different activity states.”

With the growing research and studies on psychedelic drugs, many expect psychedelic therapy to become more common. From the benefits of alleviating mental health issues like depression and anxiety, to PTSD and eating disorders, preliminary studies continue to demonstrate the possible benefits of these types of drugs. However, it is important that the use of psychedelic drugs is regulated and used in proper dose amounts to ensure safe and controlled experiences. As further research is conducted on psychedelic drugs, their true potential benefits are yet to be found. 


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration number is 1-800-662-4357 if you are in need of help please call.

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