It’s Prom Season!

It’s Prom Season!

April 1st marks the beginning of Prom season. It is, of course, not an official season but that’s what a lot of shopping companies like to call it. And with it being April, high schoolers should know where to get the best outfits for their first or last prom.

Prom dress season is when stores all around start selling their best prom dresses and suits for high schoolers to buy their clothes. It’s also one of the most exciting times of the year because you can go to prom with your friends and have the time of your lives or do a promposal and ask out your crush or partner. Prom is always a blast and the best way to end the school year.

The best way to find a prom dress is to either look online for dresses or go to your local mall. The two stores I’ll be focusing on are Macy’s and Windsor. 

First up is Macy’s. Their dresses go from $28.98 to $328.00. A lot of their dresses come in the colors of hot pink, green, yellow, red, and blue. 

Next up is Windsor- their dresses go from $37.90 to $225.90. They also have accessories to buy such as: tiaras, gloves, jewelry, lashes, and many more. For accessories, the price for them goes from $5.90 being the lowest to $29.90 being the highest.

On the other hand, when getting an outfit for prom, it’s best to get measurements so that your dress or suit fits you perfectly, “I’d say if you know your measurements the best places depop…you will be sustainable while also saving lots of money for a special event dress.” said junior Jenna Garret.

Another spot for last minute shopping would be NordStrom. Majority of the dresses are dark colors and light colors, there aren’t any dresses that are too bright or too plain there. Their dresses go from $39.00 to $378.00 which isn’t too bad. There is also a sale going on right now that decreases the price by 40% and lower.

If it’s hard for you to find one of those stores, they are most likely in your local mall, where most students go to get their prom dresses. “I’d say maybe a dress shop in a mall or something would be a good place for last minute shopping.” said junior Mayte Nerete.

There are many more stores to choose from but one more example would be Birdy Grey. Their dresses come in many different colors but if you’re looking for long dresses, then this is your store. All of their dresses are $99.00 which is right in the middle, a bit expensive but not that bad.

So, if you are having a hard time finding a last-minute prom dress, the two best places would be Macy’s and Windsors. At Macy’s, there are many different types of prom dresses that differ in color and fabric. For Windsor, it’s the same thing with Macy’s but you can also buy accessories to go with your prom dress to make it pop out more! Because it’s time for prom, you gotta look your best to make the night more exciting and memorable.