Danger! Beware of Snowplows


On January 1st, 2023, Jeremy Renner was injured in a snow plow accident, leaving him with various injuries including some to the face and one large injury to the chest. 

It’s reported that Renner was helping clear his private driveway of snow at his home in the Mount Rose Highway by Lake Tahoe when the accident happened. The area had heavy snowstorms so the snow piled on. He got off his snowplow to help clear the driveway by hand and it started to roll away into his direction. He unfortunately got caught with the 14,330LB plow  rolling his way and it ran him over. 

After the accident happened, Renner was airlifted and rushed to the hospital as seeing the snow in the roads would make it hard to drive in those conditions. The ICU team at the hospital they rushed him to worked on him quickly and efficiently. Renner made it out of surgery with multiple surgeries including fixing his upper right side of his chest; it was completely crushed, according to CNN

A very scary day for the Renner family and friends alike. Nobody thought he was gonna make it out alive, with his chest completely crushed and various bone injuries. 

His co-workers of many years from the Marvel movies, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans, each gave their support and prayers to make sure he made it alive. 

Upon entering the hospital on the first of January, Renner also celebrated his 52nd birthday in the hospital on the 7th of January. Renner thanked everyone for the birthday wishes and the ICU team that got him out of his situation alive. 

10 days after his birthday he was released from the hospital. It was also reported on the 21st of January that he had broken over 30 bones in the accident. 

According to Variety, he assured everyone by tweeting out, “These 30 plus broken bones will mend, grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens.” He’s even doing physical therapy via photos on instagram. 

The past month has been a wild one for Jeremy Renner. But with a constant media presence and a positive attitude, he seems to want to get done with this chapter of his life. He’s survived and he couldn’t be more grateful for the people that have been there for him.