When I’m Alone -girlpuppy: Review


When I’m alone” has an effortless and monotone sound that is filled with undisguised sentimentality and witty self-effacement. This indie album, written by the artist “girlpuppy” is about deep contemplation and thoughts that she has while being alone, and thus explains the title “When I’m alone.” 

With the use of ethereal and wonky instrumentals, this album has an otherworldly sound that is grounded with basic guitar strumming and soft piano accompaniment. The first song of the album, “Final Girl,” sets the album on a spacy track. girlpuppy’s airy sounds and dampened vocals, which can’t be understood, are quickly followed by a very upbeat song that really carries this album. “Wish” is the song that sets the theme for the album. girlpuppy is wishing for something and someone that she could be with all the time. She wishes she knew everything about that person. As we progress through the album we learn more about who this person is. He or She is there but they might only be in girlpuppy’s conscience through memories that could really be interpreted any way you want them to be. That’s what holds this album together. Its  relatable aspects allow for a more diverse range of listeners. 

All of the songs in this album are pretty upbeat and happy until “somewhere.” girlpuppy starts sharing her feelings about how she “hates everyone she’s in love with” and how she’s trying to reconnect with herself until she can be with anyone. The song immediately after “somewhere” is called “I want To Be There” and it has a much more upbeat sound with melancholy lyrics that put the listeners back on the main theme of the album. Upbeat, but slightly depressing. 

As we go through most of the filler songs between the beginning and end of this particular record, most of the songs have a very similar vibe with similar vocals. It’s not until the song “When I’m Alone” that carries most of the symbolism these songs hold and share intimately with listeners. This song shares girlpuppy’s experience through metaphors. She says “Shut me up like a dog, And I’ll wait by your door” meaning she doesn’t want to let go of him/her. She would never leave this person she feels so connected to but she’s confused about the other person and where they stand. Definitely the most lugubrious of the album, but it’s the most important for understanding girlpuppy’s meanings throughout the rest of the album. 

Zoriyah Brooks, a junior here at North, had never listened to girlpuppy until I introduced her to this album. She enjoyed it and even explained, “I thought this album was really good. It wasn’t overwhelming and was kinda just a chill vibe. Similar to other artists but sounded cool.”

She ends on a note where listeners discover the instability she feels and how she overthinks and repeats, “I could be different,” over and over again. Would someone take away this loneliness from her if she changed? There are so many different interpretations you can take from this song which is a really fun way to connect more with this pretty new and rising artist. The ability for girlpuppy herself to write interesting relatable songs like these as a new artist is impressive and definitely worth a listen.