Try Guys, now Tri Guys, Try Adultery


Eugene, Zach, and Keith in their video entitled “what happened.”

“Try Guys” is a Youtube account that consists of four guys who would try anything, hence their name the “Try Guys.” The Try Guys include Keith Habersberger, Eugene Yang, Zach Kornfeld, and Ned Fulmer. The four have continuously been successful on YouTube, with their videos getting thousands of views every upload. 

On October 3rd, 2022, Eugene, Keith, and Zach came together to address the issue many fans have speculated of one member in the entourage, Ned. Fans suspected that Ned Fulmer, a much-favorited member of the Try Guys because of his love for his family, is cheating on his wife, Ariel Fulmer, with Alex Herring, a team member who works with the Youtube channel. In the video, the three confirm that Ned is cheating on his wife and that they are taking legal action to remove him from their contract and group. 

The remaining Try Guys were furious, fans included, that this occurred. Their true feelings about the entire situation are shown in the youtube video labeled, “What happened.”, in which they reveal that Ned will not be let off the hook for committing such an act. 

Now that the situation has been addressed, the question circulates if there will be a replacement for Ned. It is explained that there will not be a new member, just new people who “step in” now and then. A favorite of the stand-ins so far has been Kwesi, a team member that viewers have enjoyed seeing replace Ned. 

“The whole situation is messed up for Ned’s family and the other try guys and their viewers. Because Ned decided to cheat on his wife, he not only gave up his marriage but also messed up any future relationships with his son and his coworkers. I think that once everything dies down they will forget about him and no longer include him in the try guys’ company at all…” reasons Senior Breeze Odorica.

 It is very tragic to think about how Fulmer’s son could be affected in the future because of his father’s actions, he will never be able to have a personal relationship with any of the Try Guys because of his father. 

“Seeing the video that was put out after all the information was released, I was able to see how it affected each try guy. Eugene looked infuriated, Zach looked disappointed, and Keith looked like he was in disbelief. I don’t think that any of them will be able to recover their relationship but instead will move on from this situation. I don’t feel any sort of sympathy toward Ned or Alex. They are both adults and know the consequences of their actions. They both knew it was wrong since they kept it a secret and knew it would affect others around them. Overall, I am glad they have a new guy standing in for Ned because it doesn’t allow Ned to come back to the channel. It announces that he is permanently being kicked out of the group” concludes Odorica.

Freshman Izzy Covarrubias adds, “I think the situation is very sad for the company and Ariel, I mean he betrayed their trust. I think it’s been going on for a while because it doesn’t seem he has that much shame. I don’t feel sympathy for Ned or Alex at all, it was their choice. I could see the feeling bad for Alex part but I feel like other things could have been done if she didn’t want the relationship because it looks consensual. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a new person filling in for Ned as it is so soon, I could see it for the future though. Overall it is a bad situation and I truly feel bad for the Try guys.”

Indeed, it is very early as the YouTube channel is already back to normal uploads again to have a stand-in for Ned already. Perhaps the Try Guys could have taken time to let everyone on the team heal before having someone replace Ned so early. 

“I was honestly really shocked when people started talking about it and it was super disappointing when they announced it was true, I’ve been watching them since they were with Buzzfeed so it was a really big surprise to me, especially because of Ned’s famous wife-guy personality. It kind of just makes you think about false icons and wonder who you can trust because that was his whole persona and he just turned out to be a cheater. I feel really bad for his wife and kids, they didn’t deserve this and it’s even worse that he cheated on Ariel with someone who worked for his company. I think that based on a lot of stories that other people online have come up with all the evidence they had to back it up, it has been going on for a while, I’m not sure how long but I’ve seen people with proof of Ned cheating months ago. I think if you look into it and see how little he was trying to hide it in public, you can kind of assume it had gone on for long enough for him to become more confident in not getting caught” explains Senior Briar Hooten.

 Hooten brings up a good point that both Ned and Alex could not have cared about what they were doing as they were out showing signs of affection in public with video evidence as well. 

 “I don’t feel any sympathy for Ned or Alex because they knew what they were doing was wrong, it’s not like Alex was some random person, she was his employee and she knew Ned was married. It’s honestly just really embarrassing and disappointing that people who a lot of fans looked up to turned out to be dumb enough to do something like this. I think it’s great that they have Kwesi standing in for Ned especially because fans have already been introduced to him and enjoy his presence in videos! The only thing I might worry about is a potential shift in their dynamic and what people might be about it, for example, people being like, ‘they’re not the same so I won’t watch them anymore,’ since Ned kind of ruined it for some people. I hope the rest of the guys and Ariel can be successful without him,” continues and exclaims Hooten. 

Hooten also brings up the worry that people may not enjoy the content because of what has happened and it is a very big issue regarding the channel’s success, however, the Try Guys have already addressed and fixed the situation, therefore it isn’t their fault at all. Viewers may not think that the channel is the same and may be righteously uncomfortable with watching the videos anymore. 

The Try Guys have now begun to continue their journey on their channel while also healing their hearts from the betrayal they have had to endure.