The Next & Final Halloween Movie


   With Halloween being right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to watch some horror movies with friends and family. And what better movie to watch than the upcoming movie Halloween Ends, the new and last installment of Michael Myers movie? 

       The Halloween franchise is a series of films following the story of a killer named Michael Myers who goes around killing people on Halloween. 

The first Halloween movie was made in 1971 and it was a big hit. They had a budget of $300,000 and managed to make $47 million off it. It even broke the record for the most profitable movie in 1999. Making it a very successful franchise to continue making movies about it.  

To recap, the two latest movies are connected to each other. The Halloween movie that came out in 2018, Halloween was meant to be a reboot to the series. Laurie is now at old age and has a family. She finds out that Micheal Myers is back and Laire and her daughter and granddaughter go after him and sets him on fire.

    The next movie came out in 2021, Halloween Kills. It picks up right at the end of the last movie. Micheal Myers escapes the fire and goes on another rampage but this time the citizens of the town are tired of it and try to go against him, which backfires, leaving the movie with a cliffhanger.

      On July 20, 2021, Universal Pictures India posted a trailer on YouTube called Halloween Ends | Official Trailer. The storyline of Halloween Ends picks up right after the events in Halloween Kills. Inside Myer’s house, Laurie is inside a closet holding a knife waiting for Michael Myers to strike. Throughout the entire trailer, Laurie and Micheal are going at it with each other, showing little glimpses of the town either running from Micheal or showing up at a crime scene. Even Allyson shows up in a cop car. The trailer only shows so much of the movie without giving spoilers.

There are a lot of mixed feelings about the upcoming Halloween, some good and some bad. Adults either being hardcore fans or children being exposed to it for the first and loving it. 

Even students from here can’t wait to see it in theaters. “The suspense it gives when watching it makes me sit on the edge of my seat!” said senior Nianna Peoples. “It looks interesting and like it would be a good movie. I’m so excited to see how it’s gonna end!” said senior Alex Ruiz.

       Fans of the franchise can agree that there are a lot of movies and in order to understand it, you have to watch it from the start. The story and the plot of every movie shows Michael’s goal and his reasoning for why he kills people and his history with his sister Laurie, that’s what the whole series is about, their rivalry. 

The trailer itself is amazing! The graphics, sound effects, and acting were spot on, it makes it feel real in a way. With this being the final Halloween movie, it brings it full circle from start to finish. Making the film even more special to die hear fans.

Everyone is excited in the comment section of the trailer saying that they are hyped for the battle between Micheal Myers and Laurie Strode, the fight of the century!

      The trailer for the latest movie is really cool and action-packed. The film is set to come out on October 14th, 2022. Fall just began and it’s the spooky season, so save the date and invite friends and family to watch the next and final Micheal Myers movie.