Marvel Spin-Offs…Why?

Examples of some of the spin-offs

Examples of some of the spin-offs

Most people enjoy watching the Marvel Infinity saga. Lately, Marvel has been putting out spin-off series revolving around the Infinity saga or the events after.  Quite frankly, except for a few, most people think most of the series’ are not very good. These spin-offs fall short of the standard that Marvel has produced from their movies.

For instance, the newest one, She-Hulk, does not seem that good judging from its trailer, however, it does have potential. There have been many mixed reviews, it seems as though people either hate it or love it. Sophomore Dinora Moreno expressed, “ I feel like [The Hulk] already kind of has its own story and it just like adds too much to it kind of like it just ruins kinda the authenticity of it[…]” 

In this spin-off, the “superhero” is a lawyer, and you can see why they would want to expand the stereotype of the average superhero. It seems like a boring storyline from the trailer, and at the beginning of the show, you do not know what she is planning on doing. Along with this the special effects, acting, and storyline were all bad. Even though they had a $75M budget for just three episodes. 

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Nevertheless, we already have crime shows where superheroes are lawyers or just shows about lawyers in general, for instance, Crime and Punish and Daredevil. Marvel is known for making unique superhero shows, something people have never seen before or rarely seen, and these just aren’t cutting it.

Another one of these spin-offs that just fell short is Ms. Marvel. It was a good idea but the execution was not the best. Although people would appreciate how they are putting more South Eastern representation into the Marvel universe and having it be possible for little kids to see someone who looks like them on the screen. But other than this the show moves very slowly and doesn’t have a huge amount of build-up. I found myself wondering what I was waiting for with the series. And eventually stopped watching.

Dinora Moreno also says, “[…]my younger sister watches [Ms. Marvel]. I just saw it and I’m just like ‘What in the world’ like it’s nothing to do with like the original concept of Marvel[…] it’s just like any regular kids’ show. And[…]that’s not what Marvel is.” Marvel’s original concept was unique and special, it was something that people had never seen before. It made people excited to go to the movies and sit down for hours to watch their favorite characters on the big screen.

There are a few exceptions in such as Wandavision, Loki, The Falcon: and the Winter Soldier, and Hawkeye. These spin-offs were what people cared about, the fans wanted to know what happened to Wanda and there are major Loki fans that would kill for Loki to have more screen time. Hawkeye and The Falcon were a good way to have the stories come to a close and for them to introduce new characters into the Marvel universe. 

All of these had one thing in common, we wanted to watch them. But with these new ones, do we care? Sophomore Angelina Carrasco says, “[The spin-offs] are boring, like it didn’t interest me as an actual Marvel Movie did.” The beloved original characters that we grew up watching are not a main part of the story anymore, and frankly, most students now don’t care about this new generation. The new movies and spin-offs Marvel is making will never compare to the movies that we grew up with and made up a part of us.