Wealth VS Welfare

Stefanny Hernandez

Omicron is a newly discovered variant of the virus COVID-19. This variant is more contagious than any other variant, by far. It’s also a lot less severe, reportedly.

Due to its propensity to spread and contagious features, most places like convenience stores, fast food restaurants, and many more that have a lot of contact with

have been stricter on mask enforcements, closing when needed, and social distancing. Meanwhile other franchises are acting like nothing is happening and COVID is over.

“I think food stores and restaurants should close their lobbies for a couple of weeks, at least until the cases go down. We can always go a couple of weeks without restaurants or going out.” says North freshman, Karla Santibañez. 

Photo courtesy of @SBWorkersUnited via Twitter

Starbucks partners in Buffalo, NY (the first Starbucks to unionize) started to walk out during work to protest, this was an attempt to get the attention of higher ups and hope they would close Starbucks locations temporarily. The partners of Starbucks are upset because of the company’s COVID protocol. The Starbucks company is hesitant to close as it would result in lost profits. 

“If I were the CEO I’d definitely close all lobbies in my restaurants in a heartbeat, I’d care way more about the health of my workers and customers than losing money,” says sophomore Jaymee Valentin Lopez

Kroger employees in Colorado are on strike because of their working conditions. They’re fighting for better wages and more protection against COVID. Krogers CEO initially did not want to close down because sales would go down drastically. Eventually after a lot of protesting the company raised the salary by 45% and added more restrictions.  

An abundance of employees in the food service industry in general are fighting for better COVID protocols. Not only for their own health but for their customers, their families, the world. Closing lobbies and limiting food purchases to a drive-thru or take out could help minimize the spread. Yes, it’d lose people some money but in the long run our health is way more important than the numbers in your bank account.