Bring Shops Back to School

Automotive engineering classes are available in some schools, and there are usually 100 or more students who attend them. In these classes, instructors teach you how to build an engine, how the mechanics of an engine work, and how to install rotors in a vehicle. You can learn about all your favorite cars and even learn how to repair one. 

Automotive engineering is a skill that could be beneficial for your future. An article called, “What Is Taught At Automotive Engineering Schools?”, written by Suzanne Kane states, “An automotive engineer may design electronics and software systems as well as mechanical components that are integrated into a car’s overall design.” The Indeed Editorial Team says, “An automotive engineer works with other engineers to design and test brake systems, engines, fuel technologies, and transmissions within a vehicle.” These automotive engineers use software programs to test their ideas. 

Now woodshop is “designed to give students an introduction to design and fabrication of simple wood projects”, says Johnson Middle School. Some students have even made their own car models and can learn the fundamentals of hand tools as well as how to properly use mechanical tools. According to the article “Benefits of Woodworking Classes For Kids”, “This can practice perseverance and focus, develop fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and [students] grow socially and emotionally through self-confidence […]”. This is a good skill to learn and may help you make your own automotive vehicle. Lastly, ZipRicruter shows that you could potentially get paid $68,002 annually, and $32-$33 hourly. Nationwide it is $33 an hour.