Arming teachers: yes or no?

Kimberly Alvarez, Staffer

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   In 2015 there have been a total of 45 school shootings, according to the Huffington Post. With the fact in mind, there are precautions that schools must consider in order to prevent any injuries or accidents among the student body in terms their access to weapons. Schools use Lock Down drills to teach students the basic steps to stay safe in a school shooting situation, however, a new approach involves allowing teachers the right to bear arms on campus in various school districts across the country.

     School campuses can be quite violent as is, thus allowing teachers to carry guns during the school day would only increase the number of violent interactions potentially creating a more unsafe environment for the students. By allowing teachers access to weapons — especially guns — on campus there is an increased risk of students getting access as well. The majority of high school students do not have the access to gun safety education which would cause the student bearing arms in school an ultimate threat to the students around him or her. 

      Students are not the only ones with the ability to commit violent acts. A great risk comes with allowing the teachers to bear arms on campus. Some students might not feel comfortable or safe knowing there is a gun inside their classroom and it is never certain what teachers could do with one either. On the contrary, not everybody wants to hold a gun in their hands which could cause controversy among the school staff if the training and ownership of a firearm was mandatory.

     Ultimately arming teachers could go against some beliefs, such as teachers who are pacifists. It would be ethically wrong to completely disregard one’s beliefs in order to protect students. Not to say that students are less important, but teachers’ opinions  should be considered too.

     Arming teachers could be beneficial only in the case that there is an emergency within the school. If dangerous people were to trespass the school gates, any teacher would be able to act against them and keep their students safe.

     Overall, allowing firearms on campus and in each teachers’ rooms has its pros and cons. Guns can provide protection for students and staff on campus. 

     Whatever the case may be, recognizing new ways to maintain a safe environment within a school campus may be a significant change but bringing guns into schools may not be the best approach.

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Arming teachers: yes or no?