Ethan Chun, Editor-in-Chief

Trump is excruciatingly problematic. In the past seven years, Trump has committed numerous atrocities. However, on March 30, 2023, District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg indicts Trump’s hush money payments to Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford, known as Stormy Daniels, an American pornographic film actress. This more recent investigation makes Trump the first, former or current, president to be indicted of any criminal charge. Trump’s indictment, however, is not the only scandal Trump has been caught up in.

To start, Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, sued Trump in federal court in Manhattan in 2021 for the time he spent in prison. The same man who would fix Trump’s previous legal issues sued his previous boss for the confinement he endured. Although his case was dismissed in November of 2021, Cohen appealed and now testifies against Trump during the indictment trial. Furthermore, E. Jean Carroll filed two lawsuits against Trump for rape and defamation. Trump refutes Carroll’s rape claim by stating she was “not my type.” Other lawsuits against Trump include his alleged incitement causing the insurrection on January 6 and a pyramid scheme case. Trump’s incitement for the insurrection was tried with arguments in December but no decision has been issued. As for the pyramid scheme trying Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump, the trial date is set for sometime in 2024.

The aforementioned lawsuits against Trump are a mere fraction of the scandals Trump is involved with. Trump’s indictment for hush money payments brings the most attention as it covers potential sex scandals and caused the arrest of former President Trump on April 4, 2023. Trump is charged with 34 felony charges, other charges being the falsification of records, among other things. The investigation is still new as Bragg’s office continues to dig for new documents of evidence. Along with Michael Cohen, unsurmountable counts of evidence may be brought against Trump. 

The question stands, what happens to Trump? The official trial for Trump’s indictment is set for December of 2023. Whether Trump is successfully indicted depends on both Bragg’s and Trump’s legal team, but more importantly, the judge who makes the final decision. In a high-profile case like this, the evidence against Trump is extremely important. There are several documents already used as evidence against Trump that should make this case one-sided. Whether the judge determines it effective, however, is detrimental to the outcome. The U.S. Justice System is put in full effect during Trump’s indictment as it tests its ability to charge a president guilty. 

Trump being the first president ever causes an ambiguous understanding of the results, however, the precedents of previous federal cases should ensure the Justice System’s capability to successfully prosecute a decision.