Transformation-Flavored Coca-Cola


Promotional image for Coke Move

Sharon Ma, Features Editor

Coca-Cola is out with their newest, limited-edition soda- “Coke Move”, a drink that supposedly tastes like transformations. Created in collaboration with artist Rosalia, it is supposedly “the boldest and edgiest Coca‑Cola® Creations flavor yet”.

The Creations line is known for being heavily experimental, previously releasing sodas based on “outer space,” “pixels,” or the most recent “dream” Coke. This time, to bring consumers the taste of “transformations,”Coke has partnered with rising Spanish singer and songwriter Rosalía. Best known for her experimental sound which combines traditional flamenco with modern pop, Rosalía has won several prestigious awards, including multiple Grammys, and was nominated for the “Best New Artist Award” at the 2023 MTV MVAs. While she is primarily famous in Spain, her music has been gaining overseas recognition as well.

Like the other Creations flavors, the new flavor comes with a new look, which is a bright pink and white split design (the zero-sugar version replaces the white with black). The flavor was released on February 20th and will be available at most retailers for a few months. 

Finally, to answer the real question: what does it taste like? Is it good?

North students were approached by a definitely trustworthy, slumped over, black hoodie-wearing figure and asked whether they wanted to try some coke.

Here is what some students said about it, as well as their rating out of 10:

“It tastes sweet.” (8-9/10)

“It tastes weird, like artificial fake stuff.” (-1/10)

“It’s really good. I really like it, it’s like the best soda I ever had. It tastes like some kind of spice, vanilla-y, but with something else.” (9/10)

“It tastes like a regular coke, with a plastic candy marshmallow aftertaste.” (3/10)

“It smells like drugs.” (5/10)

Did their soda manage to meet its bold claims and deliver the “transformative” experience as promised? All participants said in some way that it did taste like transformations, albeit, in a negative way for some. As said by one student,  “The taste transforms from this artificial flavor to this nasty weird taste.”

Interested in trying it for yourselves? Get your Coke Move now in stores before it’s too late.