Thrifty Finds


A student dressed in thrifted clothes.

Leticia Velasquez

Gen Z teens are well known for their taste in fashion, especially their inclination for indie, punk and layered outfits. From CROCS to Birkenstocks, corsets and graphic tees, the Gen Z fashion makes a statement. Although a lot of those trendy outfits derive from fast fashion stores, Gen Z teens, fortunately, make a habit of visiting their local thrift stores.

According to, the entrepreneur Rev. Edgar J. Helms first introduced the idea of a Goodwill store to combat poverty with trade and to help unemployed individuals in the 1890s. Now, the online shop launches at the perfect time of necessity, after the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when inflation is high. 

Even after COVID-19 restrictions eased up, the demand for online shopping remained high, both out of consumer convenience and in the hopes of promo codes or sales. Luckily, Goodwill has adapted to the social shift and launched its Goodwill online store:, which differs from its auction site,


Junior Grace Ingram, who frequently visits boutiques and thrift stores attest that the quality of clothing, “[…] just depends on what Goodwill store you go to [and] what neighborhood. Overall […] it’s pretty good, it just depends because [Goodwill] is inconsistent.”

GoodwillFinds will hopefully be a solution to the inconsistent shopping experience and will provide a larger array of diverse clothing options.

The new online store offers the opportunity the purchase donated items, with features like browsing by category. In addition, according to CEO Mattew Kanne, the online shop will soon be personalized based on customers’ preferences and past purchases.

 Junior Grace Rivero reflects on both sides of the online shop, she notes, “I think that [GoodwillFinds] makes [shopping] more accessible for younger people who can’t really get around because they don’t have cars. But also, I do know that in online shopping, the prices do spike but as long as they keep the prices low, or like the same that it wouldn’t be in the store I think it would be good. But in terms of the environmental aspect. [GoodwillFinds] wouldn’t really help, it would actually make the situation worse because it uses carbon emissions with the shipping.”

Perhaps the improved Goodwill online shop will provide an affordable and flashy outlet for clothes. On the other hand, its good intentions may produce similar results as is derived from fast fashion stores.