Lady Huskies Dominate Tennis Week

Ethan Chun, Editor-in-Chief


On the first full week of October, the Lady Huskies played an eventful week and continued their League win streak. 

Before the girls’ tennis week, they had an overall record of 12-2 with a League record of 4-1 and a Non-League record of 8-1. Entering into the tennis week, the girls won their first League game against Poly/Riverside, lost their second League game against Temescal Canyon, and won their third League game against Hemet.

The first game of the girls’ tennis week was on October 3rd against Redlands. The game was Non-League and would not affect either team’s League record. The game resulted in a 9-9 tie. Tie breakers are determined by which team won the most games in total. For example, if a game ended with a score of 6-4, the player that won six games during that set would earn their team six points. Unfortunately for the Lady Huskies, Redlands won more total points.

The Lady Huskies played Heritage on October 4th for their second game. The girls won 12-6, once again beginning another win streak. The girls’ success changes their League record to 2-1. 

The last game of the week was on October 6th against Poly/Riverside. The Lady Huskies dominated our rivals in a landslide victory 13-5. The girls updated their League record to 3-1 and carry a three-game win streak. 

The Lady Huskies’ next League game is a rematch against Temescal Canyon, a previous defeat. The first six games against Temescal Canyon were played on October 11th but rain and thunder caused it to be rescheduled to October 17th. 

“This time around our team has re-arranged the lineup in hopes to continue our winning streak. I feel that with this new line up we will be able to beat Temescal [Canyon]. I have full faith in the team and know we will put our all into the game to secure the win,” said junior Ellen Myung.

The rescheduled tennis game is the last League game before the varsity team enters CIF. The first round of CIF is played on October 24th. 

“I’m excited for CIF this year, it’ll be nice to just play. As a team, I think we have a fairly decent chance of progressing. Our individual strengths as a player are what creates our team, it’s why we have such a strong team. Mind-boggling to see our progression in all aspects, especially our mindset as a team. Next year, our progress as a team will be more difficult because we’re losing three seniors, both number 1’s in singles and doubles. Next year is going to be challenging, winning is going to require a bit more work,” says sophomore Destiny Jimenez.

This year, the Lady Huskies believe they will progress farther than they did in previous years.