Convenience or Inaccessibility?

A Vending Machine

A Vending Machine

Nathaniel Suarez, Staff Reporter

Vending machines are a very big part of the school. They’re a convenient way to get food or drink at lunch or even during passing periods. This year, a big change has been made to them. They are now card only- bills and coins are no longer accepted. No card, no food.


How do people feel about this change? A lot of people are confused as to why they would do this.  “It’s less convenient because it’s not like they’re adding the ability to use cards, you’ve always been able to do that. Now, it’s just inaccessible to a lot of other students,” said Vincent Guzman, Grade 11. Other students disagreed. “I’d say it’s more convenient not only for ourselves but also for the people that collect the money because it is all digital,” said Phoenix Joven, Grade 10.


Why have the vending machines been made card only, you may ask? “The company who owns the vending machines made the decision to make them card only because his vending machines were being broken into and all the cash money was being stolen out of them. So, as to prevent loss of money due to theft, he switched out all of his vending machines to be card only so he can’t lose money by being broken into anymore,” said Mrs. Gonzales, the North principal.


“I don’t have the apps on my phone and I don’t have a credit card linked to those apps,” said Soren Harris-Pham, Grade 10. It’s a big inconvenience for students like Soren who don’t have a card. What about those students? What can they do? “I’ve been thinking about the same thing and I am starting a conversation with Mrs. Stein, who’s the accounting assistant who runs the student store to see if we can start selling food items in the student store like we did when I first got to North,” said Mrs. Gonzales. 


“It is an inconvenience for kids that don’t have cards but I’m trying to work with our student store to see if they- to see if they can start selling some food items at lunch for kids that don’t have cards,” said Gonzales.