Girls’ Tennis SWAMPS Etiwanda Tournament

The Girls Tennis Team

The Girls Tennis Team

Tiffany Tran, Features Editor

On August 24th, the girls’ tennis team participated in the annual Etiwanda Tournament. The Lady Huskies went undefeated and came out victorious with an overall record of 4-0. With such a fantastic start to the league, the girls’ tennis team has been destroying the competition like nothing.

On the first day of the tournament, North played against Chino. Tensions were high for the first game and stomachs were hungry after their half-hour drive. The singles and doubles teams were sent out after the lineup as usual. After around 10-20 minutes, Denise Campbell finished her first set with a score of 6-0. The rest of the singles went undefeated, however, some games were lost to the rivaling doubles teams. Nonetheless, the Lady Huskies began their winning streak.

North went up against Cajon on the second day. Cajon were worthy competitors against the Lady Huskies, however, they were no match for them. North was able to beat their competition within two hours, allowing them to come back in time for North’s football tailgate.

The tournament’s third day was North vs. Summit, the host school. Rumors among the team were that Summit was much more difficult to beat than the past two schools. The team’s anxiety soon lessened as the singles team swept Summit off its seahawk feet. Day three concludes as the team’s win streak is ablaze.

On Saturday, the tournament was coming to its close. The girls were tired after arriving in Alta Loma at seven in the morning, however, they were not tired of bringing the thunder against their rivals. Once again, North took the win 10-2 and became the undefeated champions in Pool B. They happily receive their trophy for their hard work and dedication and are excited for what the rest of the season will bring.

Denise Campbell, North’s single one, continues to play tennis into her final year at North. When asked about her participation this year at Etiwanda, she responds, “I felt good to have a strong last season with the team, everybody has grown in their game so much, and playing slightly harder teams was a great experience. We have grown to become an even stronger team and won our pool for Etiwanda so that was a great experience.” Campbell believes the start of the season will be great as the team is much more in shape, stronger in our game, and bonds together. “Regardless of the results, we’re gonna have a great season. I am super grateful to have been a part of this [winning team] this year.” 

The Lady Huskies have been working hard in preparation for the new season. After last year’s defeat in CIF, they are getting ready to advance further this year. Etiwanda is just a warm-up for these experienced Huskies.