Prom Dates: Yay or Nay?

Samantha Esparza

On May 17th, John W. North finally welcomed back our traditional formal prom dance after two years. The theme was announced to be “Old Hollywood”, which instantly brings a large amount of ideas to the table. But other than finding what to wear, what to show up in, how to do your hair, there’s one more question everyone asks when it comes to prom season. Who am I going to go with? How am I gonna ask that special someone?

Prom is a night almost every highschooler looks forward to, and especially after the past years of being holed up in their homes, everyone is looking for the perfect excuse to get all dressed up and spend the night out with friends. However the most stressful aspect of prom itself is having the right people to go with. However it should always be said that you don’t always have to have a date. Having a date typically adds extra pressure to please your plus one the whole night. You’re afraid to ruin their night, constantly worried about what they may be thinking. Going alone ensures you take care of yourself the whole night and make decisions based on how you feel. Planning to match and finding the perfect color combo is sometimes an unnecessary material thing to think about. 

While having a date comes with many cons, it’s natural to want to share a special memory with someone you feel or want to get closer with. Whether or not you have a date to that special event, it’s super important to always listen to what you truly want and need. Especially for prom, the number one thing to be worried about is how many pastries you’re going to eat, how loud you’re going to sing to songs, and how extremely bad your feet are going to feel after the night is over. Prom or any other highschool dance is an event that shapes our once in a lifetime adolescence and we shouldn’t have to spend it worrying about what other people may or may not think.