Breathing Again (Mask Mandate)

Kaylene Starks


It’s official, the mask mandate has finally been lifted and with the weight on our shoulders of needing to have a mask on us 24/7. After 2 years in the making, we are finally able to breathe again because Government officials lower mask restrictions. Students and staff members are allowed to not wear masks indoors and in public spaces. The stress about not having a mask and getting in trouble has decreased. Though it’s encouraged to wear face coverings in certain indoor settings, you’re not forced to, regardless of your vaccination status. The final day of the mask mandate was March 12th, not that far from when COVID-19 had a surge in numbers so to find the mask mandate lifted this soon is causing students to question the safety of the goverments decision.

The masks did their job by effectively helping reduce the spread of Covid. With the decrease of masks, new variants increased. 

According to recent statistics, as of January 15, 2022, Covid cases daily have increased to 119,536 compared to the 2,587 cases on April 13, 2022 when there was a mask mandate.

 A decrease in Covid cases allowed schools to open the back and front gates for students. There is no requirement for a temperature scanner when students enter the campus. 

People are glad to not suffer with the mask because of the side effects caused by it. Like foggy glasses, acne, and even allergies. It even makes simple things like breathing difficult, either in P.E or just in general. Yet a lot of students on campus have not taken off their masks.

 “I am actually comfortable wearing a mask. After wearing it for so long it feels fine. It’s like if I were to take off my mask in class I would feel the same as wearing one too. I just don’t really care. I wear a mask because I’m afraid of getting sick and maybe bring it to my grandma” said Marjorie Domingo, Freshman..

The mask created a barrier between conversations because of how hesitant people were. Without the mask it’s beginning to feel normal again for some people, because some are able to see their friend’s face for the first time. As many people at school met their friends while the mask mandate was still around, even at lunch people were still cautious removing the mask in front of their friends, scared that they might catch Covid-19. Not only that but it became very apparent that some aren’t afraid of taking off their mask because of Covid. Especially with the chance of “Mask Fishing” mask fishing is when people view a person not attractive without their mask but are with it. With not having to wear masks it’s brought back some normalcy across the campus and in person schooling.

“It’s weird because you can actually see my facial expressions now and you see lots of different people, like your friends who always had their mask on. They take it off and it’s like wow you look totally different from what I imagined,”  said freshman, Jahlyssa McCullough.