Husky Hobbies

Kaylie Lopez and Claire Hong

Everyone has at least one hobby. Whether that is painting or watching a Netflix series. Some of the most common hobbies are reading, workouting, baking, and watching TV. Hobbies have their benefits too. They help teach new skills, relieve stress, and help you be more efficient with your time. They are also very interesting to learn about and share with others. Some of the least common hobbies are learning a new language, writing, or playing an instrument. 

“My hobby is to go on TikTok,” said Dinorah, freshman.

“My hobby is drawing. I like to draw weird ossified Kirby’s on my friend’s arm,” said Muriel, freshman.

“My hobby is reading manga and comics. So right now I’m trying to finish the manga that they have in the library or I read a bunch of different manga so each one is pretty out there,” said  Martha, sophomore

“I really like to analyze music, I like the idea of music, although it’s not something that I want to go into. I do like the idea of finding the message behind it. Or if I’m really bored, I’ll just find something to color,” said Jocelyn Sanders, senior. 

“I like to make jewelry. I like anything artistic. I like to thrift outfits. Majority of my closet is items I have thrifted, or I like to watch Netflix like Sister Sister,” said Angeles, senior.

“I enjoy playing video games in my spare time,” said Justice, junior.

What are your hobbies? Hobbies are a good way to spend your time doing something you enjoy.