Huskies CIF Volleyball

Ethan Chun

After a long season of playing, the boy’s volleyball team concludes their 2021-2022 season with an overall record of 15 wins to 14 losses and a league record of five wins and three losses. Their league record qualified the Huskies to participate in the CIF playoffs for Division 5. After playing their match against the Miller Rebels on April 28th, their season came to an end. 

On April 26th, the Huskies played their first CIF and wildcard match against the Ramona Rams. The Huskies won flawlessly against the Rams, winning 3-0 against them. After their crushing victory over the Ramona Rams, the Huskies win their Division 5 Wildcard match and proceed to Round 1 of CIF. After winning their wildcard match, the Huskies look to earn another victory to continue their season and advance within the CIF Championship Division 5. 

On the other hand, the Miller Rebels have an overall record of 23 wins to eight losses and an impeccable league record. Their record qualified them to participate in the CIF playoffs for Division 5. With an amazing record for their season, this match will be a tough win for the Huskies to obtain.

The first set was a demoralizing loss for the Huskies. Set 1 ended 4-25. Set 2 was not looking so good right after a major loss, but the Huskies pulled through and pushed it past 25. The Huskies won Set 2 26-24, an amazing comeback after such a big loss. The box score was now 1-1, for the Huskies to continue in CIF they would need to win 2 more games.

Set 3 didn’t end as well as the Huskies hoped for. After another strenuous set, the Huskies lost another set to the Rebels. With a box score of 1-2, the Huskies will have to push hard to make it to Round 2 of CIF. One more set win would push overtime whereas the Huskies would require one more push to 15 points. Unfortunately for the Huskies, Set 4 ended 17-25, concluding the amazing season the volleyball team experienced.

“It was very exciting to play against the top team in our division and I hoped to bring our seniors farther into CIF. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to after a devastating loss against AB Miller. Even though we had a tough season, I loved playing with my team even through the highs and lows of our season,” says sophomore Jasper Ang.

Even though the boy’s volleyball team concluded their season, they look forward to playing their next season. The Huskies are prepared to advance further into CIF and advance into the next division. Congratulations Huskies on your season and to the seniors who will be missed!